Mark Houghton

Mark Houghton co-founded King Tide Asset Management in 2011, along with Rob Campbell, a prominent and experienced director/investor. Mark also founded Saxe-Coburg in 1991, a service specialising in alternative risk-based investment strategies.


Challenging the traditional asset allocation model

Mark Houghton

The ‘balanced’ portfolio has become an institution in the financial world. Equities and bonds are the main ingredients and the ‘mix’ determines the categories of balanced funds commonly used. Here we discuss this approach, and look at another option. Show More

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Short Selling - The Long and Short of it

Mark Houghton

Short selling scares people. Many advisors categorise long/short strategies as ‘risky’ and they have support from the likes of Warren Buffett who describes it as dangerous and irritating. Our observations show long/short strategies do in fact give skillful managers a competitive advantage. Show More

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Graeme, it all comes down to fund selection. True many of the 'alternatives' being promoted pre GFC failed. But I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that the funds we were in at that time did extremely well with and a number we have invested in since also did well through the GFC.

On Challenging the traditional asset allocation model -