How to invest in today's market

Martin Conlon

As we reach the half way point of 2017, we took some time out to analyse how markets have performed since the start of the year, what areas are primed for a strong finish and our three top tips for investing. Show More

4 domestic bubbles caused by incentives

Martin Conlon

“Show me the incentive and I’ll show you the outcome” ... Charlie Munger’s quip is typically insightful and relevant to many of the ructions currently facing the domestic economy, including a number of key sectors like real estate, consumer discretionary, telecommunications and energy, all of which will be examined in... Show More

Finding the long shots on equity markets

Martin Conlon

Outlook commentaries at the outset of 2016 were noticeably devoid of cheerleaders for the eventual winners, while prior year winners had plenty of fans. The same could happen again in 2017 because beta, Sortino ratios, implied volatility and catalysts still seem to be dominating the simpler questions concerning how a... Show More

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