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Founded in 2010, Terra Capital is an Australian based specialist investment manager for sophisticated, wholesale and institutional clients. Based in Sydney, the firm has established itself as one of the best performing boutique Fund managers in...


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Cobalt continues to move up strongly

Matthew Langsford

Like we did last year with lithium and Aussie-domiciled gold producers, we have selected those companies that represent the best risk-adjusted exposures to cobalt, allowing the fund to deliver returns not correlated to resource indices. This process meant that part of the Terra team travel to a number of cobalt... Show More

Updater: A moving small cap story

Matthew Langsford

What if your business had a critical ‘churn event’? That is, a period in time when a large number of your existing customers switched from your product or service to a competitor’s. Rather than advertising continuously in an attempt to prevent churn; what if there was a product that enabled... Show More

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Australian gold sector is cheaper and more profitable than North America's

Matthew Langsford

It’s worth noting that North American gold equities are still trading on multiples over 30% higher than Australian listed gold equities. This is despite the Australian stocks maintaining stronger margins. Unsurprisingly it appears that much of the buying in local gold producers appears to have come out of North American... Show More

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A new company emerging in the food space

Matthew Langsford

Food as an investment theme has received significant publicity over the past two years, and a number of ASX listed food companies have performed extremely well. Despite being a crowded trade, most would agree the industry represents a significant opportunity. The thematic enjoys long-term structural drivers of growth including a)... Show More

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Three commodities with positive dynamics

Matthew Langsford

There are three specific commodities we see as having a positive outlook over the short-term. Cobalt is a standout. With the battery industry now consuming 42% of refined cobalt, the metal is arguably more strongly leveraged to the surging battery market than lithium. After drifting down for several years, the... Show More

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Gains in gold, lithium cause re-evaluation of small resources

Matthew Langsford

The improvement in small resources we have seen this year has been driven in particular by two factors. First and foremost, appetite for gold stocks due to the fantastic margins emerging as a result of a sustained period of cost reduction in the industry, coupled with the fall in the... Show More

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