Merlon Capital Partners

Merlon Capital Partners is an Australian-based boutique fund manager specialising in equity income strategies. Merlon commenced operation in May 2010, with the objective of providing high quality, tailored investment management services to investors.


What the market has overlooked with Magellan

Merlon Capital Partners

Being a value investor means looking for sustainable cashflow at a reasonable price, explains Neil Margolis, Lead Portfolio Manager at Merlon Capital Partners. But this is only the first step; once you’ve found value, you need to ask, ‘why is the stock cheap?’ Show More

Rethinking post-retirement asset allocation

Merlon Capital Partners

While growth assets are widely accepted in asset allocation decisions during the accumulation phase, many investors overlook the benefit allocating to shares can provide in the way of growing tax-effective income in the post-retirement phase. This paper discusses the differences between pre-and post-retirement asset allocation and how investors can use... Show More

retirement income sequencing risk longevity risk

Finding value in the banking sector

Merlon Capital Partners

One sector that is heavily represented in most Australian’s portfolios is the banking sector. In this summary of Merlon's recent teleconference, we overview our valuation metholodgy as applied to Australian banks, where we see value and the outlook for the sector. Merlon invest in undervalued companies based on sustainable free... Show More

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