Michael  Doble


Chief Executive Officer, Real Estate Securities
APN Property Group

Michael is highly regarded in the real estate funds industry, with 31 years experience. Michael held various senior roles specialising in real estate valuation, consultancy and funds management, and is the dedicated Fund Manager of the APN AREIT Fund


When Armageddon creates opportunity

Michael  Doble

The retail sector faces Armageddon! Amazon’s arrival is killing lazy, inept local outfits, and online retail sales are booming. It’s just a matter of time before the tumbleweed rolls down the empty corridors of your local shopping centre... Show More

areits ASX:SCG Easter Eggs

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Stocks are up, AREITs not so much. Why?

Michael  Doble

It’s a head scratcher alright. Over the past six months the ASX All Ordinaries index is up 9.37% while the ASX 200 index is up 8.56%. Despite recent negative headlines stocks are still higher than they were last August. Show More

Four reasons why Unibail may be a better investment than Westfield

Michael  Doble

Westfield shareholders have a big question to answer. In December 2017, Unibail-Rodamco (UL:NA UL:FP), a major European listed property trust, made an offer to purchase Westfield Corporation (ASX:WFD), based on a combination of cash and Unibail shares. Show More

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What the Westfield sale means for investors

Michael  Doble

On Tuesday, Unibail-Rodamco (AEX:ULA) announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire all of the outstanding shares in Westfield Corporation (ASX:WFD). This is Australia’s biggest ever acquisition, worth $32bn, and has naturally received widespread commentary. Show More

Scentre Group sell-off reveals the opportunity in index money

Michael  Doble

Imagine it. Your fund manager has just sold a stock that on almost every measure, from valuation and consensus to intuition and common sense, looks cheap. Why aren’t they buying rather than selling? Show More


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MICHAEL CORNIPS - Agree. If a single share price falls – they do nothing. The impact occurs when the whole market moves – particularly when it moves in disparate ways. A big move up on one stock can magnify the downward move (in index representation) of another. Simple as that.

On Scentre Group sell-off reveals the opportunity in index money -