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Brokers are once again bullish on BHP, despite the shares underperforming the market during the last couple of weeks. Twelve-month targets average near the $30 mark, suggesting some decent upside from here. However, do we need to be worried about BHP’s recent underperformance? What do the charts say about BHP?... Show More

Michael Gable

It can be tough to invest in an airline. Australian airlines have to fight competition from overseas airlines (which are often owned by governments with deep pockets), fluctuating fuel prices and currencies, workers unions, and changing consumer demand. However, recent cost cutting and more attractive fuel prices, amongst other things,... Show More

Michael Gable

We had a story here a month ago in Livewire about Suncorp. The article was titled “Is Suncorp about to be a great shorting opportunity?”. At time of writing, the stock is down over 8% since then and today’s sell-off suggests that there is further to fall. We have recently... Show More

Yes, some clients of ours are shorting NCM through options or CFD's. Others are keen on playing the long side so are waiting on the sidelines for now.

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James, in terms of expectations we'll have to get back to you with specifics, but definitely we want to see the trend more towards upgrades than downgrades, especially at this phase of the cycle. Almost more a game of avoiding the disasters than picking the winners.

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