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Michael Gable is managing director of Fairmont Equities. We are a small boutique advisory that uniquely combines both fundamental and technical analysis. As a result, our analysis is featured regularly in the finance media such as the Australian...


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Is this retailer immune from Amazon?

Michael Gable

Much has been made of Amazon’s entry into Australia, and share prices for retail stocks reflect the fear and uncertainty held by investors. Some retailers are better placed to cope with Amazon than others. So have some companies been oversold recently and therefore represent an opportunity? Show More

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Should you buy shares in Aussie telco MNF?

Michael Gable

MNF Group (ASX:MNF) is an ASX market darling which has had seen its shares increase more than 10x in the last 5 years. We revisit the Company’s prospects and determine whether it is still a buy at current levels. Show More

technical analysis

Why is Perpetual underperforming?

Michael Gable

The share price of Perpetual (ASX:PPT) has been underperforming the S&P/ASX 200. We look at the reasons why and whether the chart for PPT now shows some support building at current levels. Show More


An emerging opportunity with GWA

Michael Gable

Shares in GWA Group (ASX:GWA) have pulled back during the last few months and seem to be finding support after their recent AGM. Are we seeing a buying opportunity emerge? Show More

fairmont equities technical analysis ASX:GWA

The 4 questions that TechnologyOne needs to answer

Michael Gable

TechnologyOne (ASX: TNE) trades on a high multiple, recently downgraded earnings, and the share price has been trending lower for the last year. Their full-year results are coming up on 21 November so what does the future hold, and what are the 4 main issues that the Company needs to... Show More

fairmont equities ASX:TNE

The challenges and opportunities for Pact Group

Michael Gable

Pact Group Holdings (PGH) is a provider of consumer and industrial packaging solutions in Australasia and Asia. The Company operates across seven countries and is the largest supplier of rigid plastics packaging in Australia and NZ, with an estimated 40% market share. PGH specialises in the manufacture and supply of:... Show More

fairmont equities ASX:PGH

An update on the chart for BHP

Michael Gable

Brokers are once again bullish on BHP, despite the shares underperforming the market during the last couple of weeks. Twelve-month targets average near the $30 mark, suggesting some decent upside from here. However, do we need to be worried about BHP’s recent underperformance? What do the charts say about BHP?... Show More

fairmont equities ASX:BHP

Determining an investment opportunity with Mirvac

Michael Gable

After reporting well in August, Mirvac (MGR) is now trading near multi-year highs. Do the fundamentals stack up at these pricing levels, and what are the charts suggesting for an entry level? Show More

fairmont equities ASX:MGR

Get ready to buy the dip in Santos

Michael Gable

Sentiment towards Santos has improved a great deal recently. The company has reduced costs and the price of oil seems to have stabilised for now. The interim update in August even managed to beat expectations. Show More

fairmont equities ASX:STO

A beginner’s guide to writing covered calls

Michael Gable

The market is range-bound, and many shares just don't seem to be going anywhere. One strategy that we are now getting many questions on is that of covered call writing. This strategy is not for everyone, but many investors are finding it helpful in the current environment. Here is a... Show More

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Xero is about to rally even higher

Michael Gable

Xero (XRO) is a chart that we have followed a few times this year and the stock continues to climb. Price action is once again indicating that there from current levels, we should expect even more upside for Xero. Show More

fairmont equities ASX:XRO

Transurban chart to take the scenic route

Michael Gable

There’s a lot to like about Transurban (TCL), but not the way that has traded in the last few days. This begs the question that, despite all the pundits loving it, do we buy it at $12, or can we get it closer to $10? Imagine that, grabbing TCL when... Show More

fairmont equities ASX:TCL

At what level does Harvey Norman become a buy?

Michael Gable

Retail stock prices have made some large moves during the last few months. We traded the recent bounce in JB Hi-Fi but have since moved on. Harvey Norman (HVN) is the other large retailer that attracts plenty of interest amongst investors. At the end of August, HVN announced their full... Show More

fairmont equities ASX:HVN

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Qantas to lower the landing gear?

Michael Gable

It can be tough to invest in an airline. Australian airlines have to fight competition from overseas airlines (which are often owned by governments with deep pockets), fluctuating fuel prices and currencies, workers unions, and changing consumer demand. However, recent cost cutting and more attractive fuel prices, amongst other things,... Show More

fairmont equities ASX:QAN

Macquarie Group shares to slide further

Michael Gable

After peaking in early May on the day of their results, Macquarie Group (MQG) was then heavily sold down (circled on the weekly chart). This suggests that the all the upside was factored in and that the stock was too expensive. Since then, it has been struggling and we can... Show More

fairmont equities ASX:MQG

How the IAG chart gave us clues to avoid it

Michael Gable

IAG reported today and the share price tumbled. At one stage it was down 10%. In our weekly research that we send to clients, we warned a week earlier that there was something wrong with the IAG chart. The chart was giving us clues that the market did not like... Show More

fairmont equities ASX:IAG

Telstra: Next target $5?

Michael Gable

A result on Thursday that is absent of any nasty surprises could see Telstra rally towards our next target of $5. The Telstra chart has been an easy one to read in the last couple of years. Show More


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Our next selling opportunity

Michael Gable

We had a story here a month ago in Livewire about Suncorp. The article was titled “Is Suncorp about to be a great shorting opportunity?”. At time of writing, the stock is down over 8% since then and today’s sell-off suggests that there is further to fall. We have recently... Show More

fairmont equities ASX:NAB

Too late to buy FMG? Not according to the chart

Michael Gable

The last several weeks has seen Fortescue (FMG) bounce strongly from nearly $4.50 to over $5.80. Some analysts are getting nervous with the iron ore price up here, but is there even more upside for FMG? Show More

fairmont equities ASX:FMG

A brief analysis of Nufarm as an opportunity

Michael Gable

After falling significantly in the last two months, we take a technical and fundamental look at Nufarm (NUF) and determine whether we now have an opportunity to buy the stock. Show More

fairmont equities ASX:NUF

Yes, some clients of ours are shorting NCM through options or CFD's. Others are keen on playing the long side so are waiting on the sidelines for now.

On The short term rally in Newcrest is over -

James, in terms of expectations we'll have to get back to you with specifics, but definitely we want to see the trend more towards upgrades than downgrades, especially at this phase of the cycle. Almost more a game of avoiding the disasters than picking the winners.

On Nice little recovery in the market here today -