Michael Knox

Michael was an Australian Trade Commissioner serving in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. He joined Morgans (now Morgans Financial Limited) in Sydney in 1988. He was Chief Institutional Options Dealer until moving to Brisbane in 1990 as Economist and...


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The market is hundreds of points too cheap

Michael Knox

When we go into periods of big volatility like this, it is the amount of liquidity in the US wholesale system that decides how long that period of volatility will last. I think this period will last weeks rather than days. I think by the time we get to the... Show More

market strategy volatility valuation

This budget is different

Michael Knox

I have now covered more Australian budgets than I care to remember. Many budget speeches are not memorable; however, this one is different. What makes this budget different is that the Treasurer seems to understand how the economy works. A steady reduction in taxation on small and medium businesses leaves... Show More

federal budget Australian Interest Rates rba rate cut

What’s going on in the markets?

Michael Knox

"What's going on?" is a question I’ve been asked more than once in recent weeks. My view is that the basic causes of the big swings in the market relate to disappointments in US earnings. The variation of the market has not actually been driven by China or by Brexit or... Show More

Misinformation causing unwarranted negativity towards Chinese growth

Michael Knox

In this discussion with Tom Sartor, Senior Analyst at Morgans, Michael Knox explains his outlook on the US economy, Chinese growth, global markets and the Australian stock market. In an extremely interesting view Knox explains why he believes PMI data out of China is often misinterpreted, especially by European commentators.... Show More

Morgans Economic Update

Michael Knox

In this Economic Update we discuss whether investors are out of the woods with the Greek situation and the new pressure point which appears to be China. Show More

greece China

Australian unemployment and RBA policy

Michael Knox

The US and Australia are in different employment cycles. As a result of a Fed Funds rate near zero and quantitative easing, US unemployment is falling. In Australia, interest rates are well above the zero bound. The RBA was worried that there might be a possible wages breakout caused by... Show More

inflation interest rates unemployment

There are those claiming that the Joe Hockey budget is an austerity budget, even a horror budget

Michael Knox

There are those claiming that the Joe Hockey budget is an austerity budget, even a horror budget. If this is horror, then it is the kind of PG rated horror you would see in Saturday morning cartoons. If this is austerity, it is austerity for those who are unable to... Show More


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