Nader Naeimi

As the Head of Dynamic Markets, Nader is responsible for leading the Dynamic Asset Allocation strategy for the Multi-Asset Group, as well as other macro strategies and asset allocations for several AMP Capital funds.


4 investment principles for dynamic asset allocation

Nader Naeimi

The investment landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Deleveraging has become an ongoing theme; central banks have played a significant role in guiding the economy and extreme swings in investor sentiment have all contributed to market volatility. All this will likely continue to impact the reliability of future investment... Show More

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How the rotation into unloved assets is boosting energy valuations

Nader Naeimi

I’m going out on a limb and calling it now: 2018 will be the year of the unloved asset. In particular, investors in the oil and the energy sector will be well placed for a reasonably strong bounce back in the first half of this year, a shift that’s already... Show More

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How I’m playing the return of inflation

Nader Naeimi

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, inflation in the United States is not dead. Far from it. We believe inflation is coming back in a meaningful way and we’re preparing for its return by investing a portion of our portfolio in a fairly obscure fixed income ETF. Show More

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Global tailwinds driving commodities higher

Nader Naeimi

Underpinned by a number of global factors, including rising demand for smartphones and increased consumer confidence, nickel and copper are two commodities that we believe represent a strong investment opportunity. Buoyed by an improving economic cycle and strong currency growth, both commodities look set to capitalise on strong global tailwinds.... Show More

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Thinking what others are not thinking

Nader Naeimi

In the uncertain world of investing, evolutionary instincts sometimes lead us to see patterns when there are none. While humans are susceptible to biological weaknesses when it comes to investing, computers and machines suffer from a lack of perspective. Most of the research in machine learning and artificial intelligence is... Show More

The top 3 global opportunities right now

Nader Naeimi

There has been some uncertainty in markets recently, with many believing that markets are fully valued, expensive and lacking opportunities. That's the danger you face if you look at markets as a whole. But when you look 'under the hood', there are plenty of high-conviction opportunities. Here we look at... Show More

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Great investment opportunity appearing in global banks

Nader Naeimi

There is a strong correlation between banks and bond yields, as the chart below shows. Extreme interest rate policies in Europe and Japan have led to remarkably low yields, and in turn, banks trading close to - or even below - book value. However, with rates turning back up in... Show More

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