Nathan Umapathy


Research Analyst - Listed Managed Investments
Bell Potter

Nathan Umapathy is a research analyst who specialises in strategy and fundamental analysis of listed managed investments including Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Joining Bell Potter in 2010, he gained a strong foundation in Australian and International Equities working under the head of research Peter Quinton before carving a niche for himself in listed managed investments. In his current role Nathan produces a range of LIC and ETF reports covering investment fundamentals, asset class structure and cost, and the role of managed investments in portfolios. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Econometrics) from the University of Melbourne.


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The 3 factors behind the LIC boom

Nathan Umapathy

2017 was a big year for both Listed Investment Companies (LIC) and Listed Investment Trusts (LIT) with a record number of new and innovative entrants into the sector. LIC/LIT dominated capital raisings, collectively bringing $3.7bn via Initial Public Offerings (IPO). And this was further supported by a number of secondary... Show More


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