Nicholas Cregan

Nicholas began his career with JPM Ord Minnett as an Australian Equities Analyst in 2003 before being recruited to Schroder Investment Management in 2006 to cover small and micro-cap stocks. Nicholas was part of a two man team awarded Lonsec’s...


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Are ETFs the new active management?

Nicholas Cregan

In this report we address the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) market, with a focus on how these products are increasingly moving away from providing a passive exposure to the broad financial market, and toward “active management”. These products have grown to represent between 5-7% of the total global share market... Show More

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Hi Karyn, thanks for your question. The chart excludes the bottom 20% of the S&P500 in terms of price performance in each year. I.e., if an investor had avoided the worst performers in each of those years.

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