Nick Kirrage

Nick is co-head of the Global Value team and co-manager for the Schroder Global Recovery Fund. He seeks to identify and exploit deeply out of favour investment opportunities. Nick has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and is a CFA charterholder.


Was the 'F' of the FANGs priced for perfection’?

Nick Kirrage

Facebook’s high-profile woes over its collection, storage and use of personal data are a vivid illustration of the extra risk investors take on with any stock that is ‘priced for perfection’. Show More

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Don't let your profits go 'woof' in the Year of the Dog

Nick Kirrage

A very ‘Xīnnián hǎo’ to you, as this month’s Chinese new year zodiac moves from the Rooster to the Year of the Dog. The 12-year repeating nature of Chinese astrology interests us here on The Value Perspective, as this is just the sort of time horizon that should be in... Show More

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Our 2018 investment anti-forecast – Forget forecasts

Nick Kirrage

It is a continuing curiosity of investing that people can be so obsessed with trying to predict the future yet at the same time find it so difficult to think beyond the present. Show More


If it feels good, it probably isn’t

Nick Kirrage

The concept of ‘herding’ is a powerful lesson that investors should not ignore. Herding is the bias that can lead investors to follow the crowd, whether they genuinely agree with what they are doing, or are just scared of being left standing alone. Show More

A few tips for you - though not for the Melbourne Cup

Nick Kirrage

In honour of the forthcoming Melbourne Cup, let’s start with a quick trivia question: In how many calendar years has the favourite finished first in each leg of Australian racing’s ‘Grand Slam’? For the record, this four-legged achievement (in more ways than one) takes in the Golden Slipper, the Caulfield... Show More

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