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It’s the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue and if you’d picked up 100 shares in the IPO your investment would be worth over US$12million today and you'd be receiving over US$345,000 per year in dividends. We’re talking about McDonald’s which operates over 36,000 stores globally. So why has a... Show More

Fund in Focus
Nikki Thomas

As a boutique, active, core equities investment manager, our aim is simple and effective: to identify opportunities across market cycles and invest in quality, undervalued companies with underestimated forward earnings expectations. The Alphinity Global Equity Fund seeks to build a portfolio of international stocks that is well diversified across different sectors,... Show More

Nikki Thomas

Sometimes wonderful investment opportunities are hiding in plain sight. McDonalds, the famous Golden Arches, is one of the most competitively advantaged companies in the world. Its restaurants blanket the world, providing consumers with a convenient, well priced menu from breakfast until late into the night. But movies like “Supersize Me”... Show More

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