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Number of smaller IPOs surge despite decreasing capital raising levels


Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) continued to post outstanding returns in the second quarter of 2017, with an average gain on the 33 companies which listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) of 11.4%, an impressive outperformance of the S&P/ASX 200, which fell 2.4% over the same period. Show More

OnMarket 2017 First Quarter IPO Report


IPOs of materials companies set an impressive pace in the first quarter of 2017, with 10 companies listing on the ASX from a total 26 floats, up from two in the same period last year... See full report Show More

2016 IPO Report: Good Things Come In Small Packages


2016 was a strong year for Australian companies floating on ASX. The number of IPOs rose to 96 (from 85 in 2015), implying an average of eight per month or two a week – certainly enough to keep the most active investors busy... Though the absolute number of new floats... Show More

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Year in Re(ar)view: IPOs in 2016


So, how did 2016 go for new floats? Show More

On Trump, Black Swans, and Retail Investors


Every time I read about Black Swan events I smile and remember a visit a few years ago to Meetung in Victoria’s Gippsland, where almost every bird on the lakes was a Black Swan. Thousands upon noisy thousands of them... Show More

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OnMarket October Monthly IPO Report


The Australian Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) performed well in October 2016, delivering an average return of 36.8 per cent on the first day of listing and 29.2 per cent over the month, with the IT sector dominating floats in 2016, the OnMarket October IPO Report 2016 reveals. Show More

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Locking the public out of IPOs


It’s a weird situation out there at the moment for individuals who invest in new sharemarket floats, with the floats themselves going very well but with the prospect of a change in ASX’s listing rules coming down the pipe that could make life harder for them. Show More

OnMarket Third Quarter IPO Report


Australian Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) significantly outperformed the broader share market in the third quarter of 2016, with the average gain on the 24 companies which listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) striking 28.2%, an impressive outperformance over the S&P/ASX 200, which returned 3.9%, the OnMarket Third Quarter IPO... Show More

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IPOs outperform broader index, tech listings shine...


Australian initial public offerings significantly outperformed the broader sharemarket in the third quarter, with the IT sector dominating both in terms of the number of floats and returns. Show More

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A new trend in superannuation contributions


There’s a worrying new trend happening in superannuation that no one seems to have noticed: the amount of post tax money that Self Managed Super Fund savers have been putting away was approximately 10 per cent lower in the June quarter 2016 than it was in the same quarter last... Show More

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The average monthly return from the August IPOs compared to a 2.3% drop for the S&P/ASX 200


The Australian Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) market gained momentum in August, with the 10 companies which listed raising $1.2 billion and returning an average 34.1%, according to a new report, the OnMarket August IPO Report 2016. Show More

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5 investment tools I can't live without


There are plenty of new investing tools that are out there for the DIY investor. So I'll run you through the 5 investment tools that personally I can't live without. Show More

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Four IPOs that have returned over 1000%


Here are some statistics to show that if you buy shares in a good company and hold them long term, the returns can be massive. Show More

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Second Quarter IPO Report 2016


IPOs are delivering stellar returns to investors, with the average gain on the 21 companies that listed on the ASX in the second quarter sitting at 33.5%, an impressive outperformance of the S&P/ASX 200, which rose just 3.0%, according to the OnMarket Second Quarter IPO Report. Of the 21 companies... Show More

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IPO Market Soars to Life in May and April, with Strong Returns


The Australian Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) market delivered strong gains in May, with returns from companies listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) striking 9.4%, following on from a big 39.4% gain in April, according to a new report, the OnMarket April-May IPO Report 2016... http://bit.ly/1UjHEad Show More

4 types of stocks everyone needs to own


So you’re thinking of starting a portfolio, evaluating how your holdings have performed, or considering some portfolio spring cleaning? Show More

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Don't Be Put Off By Tech Floats As Long As You Understand What They Do (By Andrew Main)


Are we being inundated with technology floats? Show More

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Budget 2016: How to adjust your super strategy (by Andrew Main)


If, like me, you assumed Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison was going to go easy on well-established superannuation savers in the Budget, you likely share my slightly queasy feeling. It turns out we’re more alone that we first thought and that a changing landscape may call for a change in strategy. Show More

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IPO investments yield double-digit returns


In times past, ordinary mortals found it hard to get access to those new floats unless the promoters were having trouble filling them. That’s changing now, thanks to technology, and the returns in recent times have been very good indeed. In 2015 IPOs returned 24% on average. Show More

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Afternoon James, many companies have told us they would be watching with great interest as to how the first transaction would go. Today was a fantastic endorsement of how the ASX BookBuild Facility works. WAM Capital, by using the facility, was able to access every eligible investor in the market and have their placement oversubscribed by 67%.

On WAM Capital Limited announces it has successfully raised $24.7million (13.8 million ordinary shares) through a placement to professional and sophisticated... -