Paradice Perspective : Industry disruption and nimble thinking

Paradice Investment Management

For decades there has been a small number of Australian business that have enjoyed the benefits of operating in an oligopoly, however now more than ever these business face disruptions and stiffer competition from competitors. This month Australian Large Cap portfolio manager David Moberley will take a look two such... Show More

A recent portfolio addition

Paradice Investment Management

Anand Vasagiri talks through a recent addition to the Paradice Global Small Mid Cap Fund. From a universe of over 14,000 potential investing opportunities Vasigiri explains the investment thesis that has resulted in the recent addition of a Mexican based industrial REIT to his portfolio. Vasigiri says that while REITs... Show More

The Australian growth outlook remains modest

Paradice Investment Management

The Australian growth outlook remains modest. So far, very low interest rates have mainly resulted in higher property prices rather than the desired broader improvement in economic activity. Consumer sentiment generally remains soft. Despite the lower AUD, there is little optimism that the non-resource economy is going to materially accelerate... Show More

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