There was a time when miners were to be avoided for those in search of income, but things have changed for the major players in the sector, according to Troy Angus, Head of Australian large caps at Paradice Investment Management. The hard-learned lessons of the last boom have been ingrained... Show More

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For many years China has had a single focus of delivering high GDP growth. John Lake from Paradice Investment Management has recently returned from a visit to China and says two important shifts are taking place. One is a focus on sustainability and the environment ahead of growth. The other... Show More

Paradice Investment Management

There are countless theories about the best way for investors to beat the market. Troy Angus, Head of Large Caps at Paradice Investment Management, has been able to consistently beat the market for over a decade and believes he has identified four key criteria that consistently lead to outperformance. Show More

Paradice Investment Management

Between the end of “reporting season” and mid December, we spend our time on the road visiting companies and looking for undiscovered gems. Visiting so many companies gives us a good feel for how the economy is performing. The reality is that it’s a mixed bag out there, but it’s... Show More

Paradice Investment Management

Anand Vasagiri, Portfolio Manager of the Paradice Global Small Mid Cap Fund, takes a contrarian approach to investing but says being contrarian is not just about buying stocks that are beaten up. Vasagiri believes there are certain disciplines that are still required when taking a contrarian approach to ensure a... Show More

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