Patrick O'Reilly


Analyst, Asian Real Estate Securities
APN Property Group

Before APN, Patrick worked for Pitcher Partners Investment Services as an associate Research Analyst. Patrick undertook research on the AREIT, Transportation & Infrastructure sectors to give investment recommendations to a team of financial advisors.


The one place where retail sales growth is booming

Patrick O'Reilly

Retail sales growth is something commercial property investors fervently hope for. When shoppers are buoyant, tenants are doing well, landlords like to raise their rents, leading over the long term to juicier dividends for investors. Show More

Keppel DC REIT: When the data adds up the income flows

Patrick O'Reilly

When Keppel DC REIT (AJBU.SI) listed on 12 December 2014, it appeared different, at least when compared to a typical property trust. The company’s share price has increased almost 50% since listing, and while such a price rise might have some people questioning how expensive it is, there are plenty... Show More

The next big thing for property trusts

Patrick O'Reilly

Technology has disrupted many industries but commercial property isn’t one of them. Buildings are still buildings, and the predictability of the rents is the source of the stable, reliable returns property trust investors demand. Disruption is, however, creating an opportunity with all the attractions of traditional commercial property plus richer... Show More

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