Patrik Sjöblom

Patrik Sjoblom is a Senior Global Equities Analyst and has 20 years experience in the securities and investment management industries, including 6 years at Bell Asset Management. Patrik gained his equities research skills while working in...


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Navigating industrials after the ‘Trump trade’

Patrik Sjöblom

Since the day before the US Presidential Elections on 8 November 2016 until 31 March 2017, MSCI World Industrials has returned 12.8% in AUD-terms, outperforming MSCI World by 0.9ppt. Analysing stocks and sub sectors within Industrials, we conclude that this has not been a ‘junk rally’ driven by the low-profitability... Show More

Five new research ideas

Patrik Sjöblom

During the course of three weeks on the road that took me through Washington, New York, London, Stockholm, and Japan, I met with 52 companies, 5 of which are new names that we have identified as priorities to undertake deeper research work on. This trip also allowed me to attend... Show More

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