Predicting the next interest rate move

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In September, Australia posted its highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth numbers in over 4 years – but does this mean the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has an interest rate hike in store? The answer lies partly in understanding the terms of trade and some other key factors that... Show More

Three emerging markets that caught our eye

Pendal Group

Clients and regular readers will be aware of our top-down, country-driven process, which seeks to identify the most attractive emerging equity markets. The growth outlook and market-level valuations are key components of our process, but so are the economic sustainability of growth and the political environment. It is these last... Show More

How central bank policies hurt savers and investors

Pendal Group

Since 2011, the constant descent into deflation has benefitted assets that have interest rate exposure or directly benefit from falling inflation. This includes such assets as government bonds, credit securities, shares in industrial companies, property, and infrastructure. Assets that benefit from rising inflation include inflation-linked bonds, shares in resources companies,... Show More

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Confusing the symptom and the cause

Pendal Group

We believe the Brexit vote was a symptom and not the cause of the underlying economic and political issues globally; the average voter feels abandoned by the economic and political elite and are making their voices heard. This is a secular not cyclical shift and we believe it will have... Show More

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