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Pengana Capital Group (ASX: PCG) is an ASX listed diversified funds management group specialising in global and Australian listed equities, with distinct investment strategies that aim to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to investors.


Six reasons we like CSL

Pengana Capital

As with all of our investments we are looking for a company with a current sustainable after tax cash earnings yield of 6 – 8% p.a. with strong growth for the medium term. CSL sits at 6% and is growing at 10%+. Six reasons we like CSL Limited include the... Show More

Used cars…… who cares? We do!

Pengana Capital

Management of failing US based consumer electronics retailer, Circuit City, was facing significant pressure from a superior competitor, Best Buy, as well as value retailers like Walmart. As a result, they launched an internal venture in auto retail, which was spun out on its own before Circuit City’s eventual bankruptcy.... Show More

Amazon vs. Dollar General

Pengana Capital

The assumption that Amazon would sweep away all retailers that stand before it resulted in many US retailers being sold down. This hysteria created some interesting opportunities in the retail segment, one of which is Dollar General. Show More

Pengana Capital Group Symposium – April 2018

Pengana Capital

Pengana Capital Group is pleased to provide advisers with access to a video replay of the Pengana Symposium held in April, 2017. The presentation features three strategies which can be viewed together or separately via the chapters feature below. Show More

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Pengana Capital Group Investor Roadshow – March 2018

Pengana Capital

Pengana Capital Group is pleased to provide access to a video replay of the March 2018 investor roadshow. The session includes a presentation from Russel Pillemer, Chief Executive Officer of Pengana Capital Group and Steven Glass, Head of Research and Portfolio Manager: Pengana International Equities. Show More


Pengana Symposium October 2017

Pengana Capital

Pengana Capital Group is pleased to provide advisers with access to a video replay of the Pengana Symposium held on 10 October, 2017. The presentation features four strategies: Show More

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Pengana Capital Investor Roadshow August 2017

Pengana Capital

Pengana Capital is pleased to provide investors with access to a video replay of the recent investor roadshow. The presentation provides an overview of the Pengana Capital business, introduces the Pengana International Equities investment team and covers our current market views. Show More


Hunter Hall and Pengana – what’s changed?

Pengana Capital

In June shareholders voted to approve a merger of Hunter Hall and Pengana. For investors in the Hunter Hall Value Growth Trust, Hunter Hall Global Equities Trust and Hunter Hall Global Value, this means their capital will now be managed by Pengana’s International Equities team. This article outlines the differences... Show More

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You'd have to pay me not to own this stock

Pengana Capital

You're probably familiar with online platforms such as Investopedia, and the video streaming platform VImeo. You've also probably heard of popular dating sites such as Tinder. But did you know they were all owned by one NASDAQ listed parent company? Show More

international equities ASX:HHV

6 core ingredients for the perfect investment

Pengana Capital

When it comes to investing in today’s market, a strong underlying foundation is vital to forming the core of success. Steven Glass, from the Pengana International Equities Fund provides his 6-point checklist that separates the good from the bad, allowing him to invest with confidence in an overly noisy environment. Show More

Bapcor: presenting a good opportunity

Pengana Capital

Picking when small caps or large caps are going to outperform is no easy task. It depends on far too many variables, most of which are not predictable. As a rule, large caps generally do better when banks do better. Small caps do better when the Australian domestic economy is... Show More


Pengana: We’re having a nibble

Pengana Capital

Rhett Kessler, Portfolio Manager at Pengana Capital, says he has used the recent weakness to increase his investment in existing holdings. Kessler was holding about 23% prior to the ‘Brexit’ wobbles and says the market weakness has allowed him to mobilise 5% of the Fund’s value into stocks like Duet,... Show More


Resources valuations looking attractive

Pengana Capital

Whilst the dynamics of demand and supply have affected physical commodity prices, stock prices respond to a variety of other drivers. One of the key metrics is valuation. Resources stocks are currently trading at discounts of around 40% of their net asset value. Only once previously has the discount been... Show More


Game-changers and disruptors

Pengana Capital

Much was written about the attraction of ‘disruption’ by investment analysts during 2015. How new technology is enabling smaller, smarter and nimbler start-ups to build disruptive business models by achieving the “magical trifecta” of better service to more customers at a lower cost. Investing in a ‘ten bagger’ by picking... Show More

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Kessler: Corporate Darwinism is alive and well

Pengana Capital

Rhett Kessler, Portfolio Manager at Pengana Capital, says a conservative strategy and having the nerve to invest in periods of weakness turned out to be the right strategy in 2015. Kessler says he is maintaining a defensive portfolio this year with nearly half of the companies falling into the boring... Show More

HFA offers strong yield and opportunities for earnings growth

Pengana Capital

HFA Holdings is a stock which provides a strong yield and opportunities for medium term earnings growth. The company operates a hedge fund-of-funds in the USA called Lighthouse Partners which manages US$8.5bn and was formed 16 years ago. The key funds have shown a return of over 5% p/a over... Show More

the buy side brief ASX:HFA HFA Holdings

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A company that stoodout from its peers

Pengana Capital

We would highlight Pacific Smiles as a company which is well positioned to outperform peers in the healthcare sector. The company is the second largest dentistry player in Australia, with a market share of around 2%. The company operates 48 clinics and is rolling out 8-10 new locations per annum.... Show More

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Which sectors provide more certainty of earnings in the present environment?

Pengana Capital

Sectors such as telecommunications, healthcare, aged care, retirement living and childcare provide revenue streams which are not heavily reliant on the economy. The smallcap market also provides investment opportunities in niche areas such as intellectual property services (IPH Ltd), automotive wholesale (Burson Group), consumer credit reporting (Veda Group) where revenue... Show More

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Pengana Emerging Companies Fund Presentation and Market Outlook

Pengana Capital

Ed Pendergast, Portfolio Manager of the Pengana Emerging Companies Fund, provides a detailed presentation on his current view of the equity markets and investing landscape and where the fund has been investing. Pendergast says the markets remain a murky place and whilst things have improved over the past few years... Show More

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A subtle change of intentions by 2 of the 3 big iron ore players

Pengana Capital

The doom and gloom around the seemingly hopeless state of the iron ore market abated during April with the spot price of iron ore climbing 9.4%. BHP Billiton announced it would delay its $500m Port Hedland expansion project implying it was not on a course to grow production volumes at... Show More

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