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Peter Quinton joined Bell Potter in 2000 as Head of Research Services. He has over 40 years’ experience in stockbroking, encompassing a number of senior management positions centred on writing and marketing reports on investment strategy and asset...


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9 Champion Stocks

Peter Quinton

These 9 Champion Stocks all have a long-term positive thematic, which should drive superior earnings growth and shareholder value over the coming years, notwithstanding inevitable disruptions in the economic and investment environment as well as some corporate stumbles from time to time. Show More

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Ten favoured stocks for 2018

Peter Quinton

After examining all of our analysts’ buy-rated stocks with a market capitalisation above $1.0 billion, we have identified ten of them which we particularly like over the next 12 months or so for private clients: Show More

Thanks Carlos and D.Lee, Good questions. Transurban’s net debt/equity is 178%, which is well within our financial safety limit of 300% for an infrastructure vehicle. In addition, the impressive interest cover is between 2.8 and 3.0 times and, of course, toll revenue is inflation linked. Infrastructure vehicles are cashflow business models and, therefore, accounting net profits are somewhat meaningless as is the PER.

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