Peter Wilmshurst


Portfolio Manager
Templeton Global Growth Fund Ltd (ASX code:TGG)

Peter Wilmshurst is the portfolio manager of ASX listed Templeton Global Growth Fund (ASX: TGG) and an executive vice president in the Templeton Global Equity Group with research responsibility for banks in Europe, and Asian telecommunications companies. He is also the coordinator for the financials sector team and the portfolio manager of a number of Templeton's global portfolios. Prior to joining Franklin Templeton in 1998, Mr. Wilmshurst was an equity portfolio manager and analyst with Norwich Investment Management in Australia and an actuary at MLC Life Company. He entered the financial services industry in 1993. Mr. Wilmshurst holds a bachelor of economics degree and a master of economics degree from Macquarie University (Australia). He qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of the Actuaries of Australia and as a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia. Mr. Wilmshurst is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder and a past president of the CFA Society of Melbourne.


Beat the tech blues with this database vendor

Peter Wilmshurst

In the past companies used to buy a database, install it on their hardware, and deploy it locally. But what we've seen over the last few years is the rise of cloud computing, a significant evolution in the way in which we save, store and access data, and that has... Show More

It's rare to find such a cash generative, innovative business

Peter Wilmshurst

Allergan (NYSE: AGN) is a specialty pharmaceutical company operating in the research, development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products. The company offers a portfolio of products that provide treatment for the central nervous system, gastroenterology, women's health and urology, ophthalmology, neurosciences, medical aesthetics, dermatology, plastic surgery, liver disease, inflammation, metabolic syndromes,... Show More

innovation templeton Pharmaceuticals sir john templeton

How to make money in resources

Peter Wilmshurst

Despite the recovery in oil prices in the second half of last year, energy was the weakest sector in 2017 after a strong run in 2016. The short-term pressures — a potential supply glut due to weaker seasonal demand, an excessive focus on US inventories, the lag between the announced... Show More

resources stocks opec oil price opec Resources sector

German Coalition Deal Secures Merkel’s Fourth Term in Power

Peter Wilmshurst

German equities recovered some ground early on Monday as the government coalition between Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Germany’s Social Democratic (SPD) party was approved by SPD members over the weekend. Show More

europe germany elections European banks

Populist Parties Surge in Italian Election

Peter Wilmshurst

Sunday’s (March 4) Italian election appears to have resulted in a hung parliament as widely expected. However, centrist parties lost ground and populist parties made more gains than polls had generally predicted. Show More

Health care to rise above industry challenges

Peter Wilmshurst

The various challenges facing the healthcare sector today have been brought to light recently with media headlines highlighting the pressures at play in a very competitive industry. The cost of healthcare in the US is a key challenge for providers and consumers of healthcare, where we have seen companies such... Show More

What to expect from a combination of US tax cuts and Fed tightening

Peter Wilmshurst

2017 saw a combination of solid economic growth without a significant pick-up in inflation. This let the Fed continue to raise rates, but at a measured pace, and it has flagged it’s likely to raise rates another three times this year. Other major central banks did not follow this path... Show More

Putting the recent market correction into perspective

Peter Wilmshurst

To put events of last few days into perspective, for the year to date the S&P 500 is now down 1%. but when compared to the highs of January has clearly come off. Show More

Better days ahead for banking

Peter Wilmshurst

The global banking sector has been undervalued since the financial crisis. However central banks are starting to increase rates and this should be positive for the sector as it will enable banks to make money out of the liability side of their balance sheet. It is hard to make any... Show More

US is one of the biggest risk to investors in 2018

Peter Wilmshurst

The US market has become more complex. Earnings have been strong during 2017 but multiples are highly elevated, meaning there are increasingly fewer opportunities. One of the biggest risks for markets would have to be US equities. It’s more than 50% of the MSCI World Index, and where many people... Show More

Re-rating of European stocks on the cards

Peter Wilmshurst

We know Europe has been through a touch economic cycle over the last few years since the GFC. That's somewhat on the mend now. Once the European earnings come through, the markets will start to appreciate that and reward those stocks - both with a re-rating as well as seeing... Show More

Look to these Asian markets for returns

Peter Wilmshurst

This year MSCI said it plans to add 222 mainland Chinese A-shares to their index. This heralds a further emergence of China (and more broadly Asia) as a signficant market to look out for. We see a range of opportunities in Chinese ports, telecom and select consumer companies. In Japan... Show More

Macron-Merkel duo to pursue the vision of a 'United States of Europe'

Peter Wilmshurst

Angela Merkel has been re-elected German Chancellor for a fourth term. A strong domestic economy (record low unemployment) and high standards of living have understandably contributed to Germans’ satisfaction with the current state of affairs, and wanting more of the same. Show More

Full steam ahead for healthcare sector

Peter Wilmshurst

What are the long-term secular drivers for the Healthcare sector? Ageing populations across developed markets, rising middle class demanding better healthcare facilities in the emerging markets, and key reforms in the US all imply healthcare is a positive investment area for almost every global economy we look at. The right... Show More

healthcare global equities ASX:LIC

Finding 'value' in US equities

Peter Wilmshurst

Where is the US Equity Market headed? Can Opportunities still be found? Show More

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