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Philip is founder and Executive Chairman of Altair Asset Management and is responsible for leading the company’s business strategy. Philip also chairs Altair’s Investment Committee, and oversees Altair’s investment functions as well as co-managing the Core and Income strategies and researching Banks. Philip has extensive experience in building and managing wealth management businesses having been a co-founder and director of Hunter Hall Investment Management Ltd in 1993. Altair is the vision of Philip, which evolved from Parker Asset Management Limited, which he established in 2000. Philip has over 29 years of experience in investment markets, including international experience (London and New York). His investment market background includes funds management, and dealing and advising on shares, options, bonds and equity derivatives in Australia and offshore markets.


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Why we're selling all shares and handing cash back to investors

Philip Parker

Philip Parker - veteran fund manager decides to sell all shares in Altair’s Trusts to hand back cash and hands back mandates for SMA/IMA’s and also sells MDA family office mandates to cash from shares. Show More

altair asset management

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Why Newcrest should be a core holding in the current market

Philip Parker

At Altair we marry top down macro views with bottom up micro research and try to find good quality companies assisted by tailwinds rather than those pressured by headwinds. Newcrest is a stock that fits this bill and here’s why with we think the tailwinds should last longer than some... Show More

Newcrest Mining ASX:NCM Longform

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