Alex Cowie

One of the most engaging parts of my role at Livewire is working with Australian fund managers to discuss their views and bring you great content. With over 400 managers now contributing to the platform, overseeing the content can feel like being at the epicentre of the market. So with... Show More

Philipp Hofflin

The critical financial issue in the Australian economy at present is clearly the possible economic effect of the decline in home prices. We have been warning about high home prices and household debt since 2015, but have always known that the timing of any downturn would be difficult, if not... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

In any discussion of the Australian housing market, it’s impossible to avoid discussion of a catalyst. “We see no immediate catalysts for a crash,” has become the cry of the perpetual housing bull. But Dr Philipp Hofflin from the Lazard Australian Equity Team believes a catalyst is unnecessary. “When we look... Show More

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