Macau casinos - overshot?

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Like many companies exposed to China, the share prices Macau casinos like Sands China, MGM China and Wynn Resorts have been volatile. Kevin Bertoli, Portfolio Manager, Asian Strategies, recently travelled to Hong Kong and Macau and reports that the industry structure is improving and valuations look attractive for long term... Show More

PM Capital tackles a big issue with Listed Investment Companies

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The arguments for using Listed Investment Companies (LICs) are numerous and the burgeoning LIC offering on the ASX means investors now have more choice than ever. One of the biggest frustrations for many investors is the fact that LICs will often trade at a discount to their Net Tangible Assets... Show More

3 areas to watch this earning season

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This Australian earnings season gives us an insider’s view of the health of the different sectors in which our portfolio holdings operate. This is even more important this time around, given macroeconomic statistics are giving contradictory indications. Business confidence indicators are at their highest levels in three to five years.... Show More

Hi Ada, Yes you are correct, increased regulation will drive drown profitability and put weaker players out of business, adding further add to the demand – supply imbalance. Our original thesis when we invested Japara was that the government would see this reality and either increase funding or deregulate the industry (from a pricing perspective) and charge consumers more. However, the actions by government have gone in the other direction – ie increased regulation and lower funding – so every player in the industry is being hurt. We do not see this changing in the medium term. Regis has investments in retirement villages. Japara has also flagged that they will expand into this area and invest more capital in retirement villages. Estia’s capacity to grow is constrained due to its historic acquisition-led strategy that impinges on its capital generation. So the actions by the listed players suggest they too believe that diversifying out of aged care makes economic sense. As a result, our thesis is that there is more downside to go with these companies before earnings find a sustainable base. This, in addition to the royal commission and the potential curve balls it can throw up, limit our interest in these companies for the time being - Uday.

On Aged care under royal pressure -

Ben, Thanks for your comments and you are correct that Las Vegas, particularly in the 1990’s overstepped the mark in the transition to a ‘family destination’. However, to clarify, in regards to ‘family friendly’, we are referring to the opening of the market to a new percentage of the population that visit these gaming centres for reasons other than gambling; mass market focused, non-gaming entertainment and retail experiences. On visiting both Macau and Las Vegas, it’s clear that these two gaming centres are at different points of the continuum in their evolution. In regards to the gaming element, there is also a palpable transition towards mass-market gaming from the dominance of “high-rollers” in Macau. In our view this is a natural and secular transition of the middle-class in Asia in addition to the improvement in access/infrastructure and may likely continue for decades to come. We hope this clarifies our position and thanks again for the discussion point, regards PM CAPITAL.

On 2 global thematics looking attractive now -