Our view is that the recent weakness in UK equity markets, may be the most attractive buying opportunity we see this decade. UK housebuilders, exporters and domestic service companies that will benefit from lower interest rates and a weaker pound – including retailers, hotels, restaurants, brewers and companies providing recruitment,... Show More

On April 7 the EC adopted a rule, in the form of a Delegated Directive, that pushes the prospect of fully separating investment research costs from dealing commissions a significant step closer to becoming reality. Whilst this plays out thousands of miles away from Australia – local market participants should... Show More

Japanese data trends are weakening – it is no longer a preferred market for us globally. An area that we had seen as supportive of Japan was the strength of margins – this is now deteriorating on account of weak pricing trends. This graphic shows the trend in our country level... Show More

Our updated analysis on Germany shows encouraging signs of recovery. In particular, our unique data insight highlights a volume (ie demand) driven improvement across Industrials and Materials - augmenting the ongoing strength across Info Tech and Consumer Discretionary. Investors looking for opportunities in Germany should consider cement, trucks, aerospace and... Show More

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Market Index for October came in at 64 - above the 62 consenus estimate and the highest reported number in a decade... This confidence indicator reinforces our positive stance on the sector which we have been highlighting all year... On top of the... Show More

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