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Quay Global Investors is a boutique investment manager focused on the preservation and creation of wealth through strategies in real estate securities. It was formed in 2015 between Justin Blaess, Chris Bedingfield and Bennelong Funds Management.


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Finding Monopoly's 'orange squares' in property investing

Quay Global Investors

In the board game Monopoly, research has shown that on average, the orange squares are among the best investment propositions on the board. Monopoly might be just a game, but identifying and buying the orange squares in real life – those with the best return on capital, and opportunities for... Show More

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Demographic trends supporting global property

Quay Global Investors

Global real estate is one of nine major asset classes. However, many may not know it has ranked in the top five asset classes for 13 of the past 17 years, and should play a larger role in Australian investors’ portfolios. Unhedged global real estate has been one the best... Show More

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Beyond bricks and mortar - insights into global listed real estate

Quay Global Investors

Chris Bedingfield, Principal and Portfolio Manager at Quay Global Investors, discusses the global investment opportunities presented by listed real estate. He explores: Show More

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Investment perspectives: Bonds, Bunds & Bubbles - is the 30-year bond cycle over?

Quay Global Investors

“Yields on 10-year US Treasuries have fallen to 2.4% – a level that was unseen even in the Great Depression. This is ‘return-free risk’, said bond guru Jim Grant. It is much the same story across the world. Yields are 1.3% in Japan, 3.02% in Germany, 3.13% in Britain, 3.26%... Show More

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