Rodney  Forrest

Forrest Equities conducts sell side research for Investment Banks. Rodney has 15 years Finance experience with postgraduate degrees in Economics/Econometrics, Finance, and Taxation Law.


A 130-year Compounder

Rodney  Forrest

In Australia there are 2.3m businesses. However, there are only 23 companies that existed before 1900, that still exist today. The vast majority of them are family owned. There is however one, that is a true compounding machine, that has lasted over 130 years (started in 1886) and is listed... Show More

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China - New Pollution Controls

Rodney  Forrest

China is Australia's largest trading partner and this week China announced new pollution controls that have gone largely unnoticed. We have previously written on Livewire about China and the Energy Revolution that is taking place with: Show More

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The Big Long

Rodney  Forrest

Michael Burry ran Scion Capital Hedge Fund, with aggregate returns of 489% net of fees and expenses, over a decade. He made his name during the Global Financial Crisis betting against, or shorting, the housing bubble, with credit default swaps. Show More

Clean Teq - Derisked at the Macquarie Conference?

Rodney  Forrest

The Macquarie Conference each year throws up opportunities for re-ratings or new companies of interest to Institutional investors. Clean Teq Holdings Ltd (ASX: CLQ) was a company that presented at the Macquarie Conference last week. Show More

macquarie nickel cobalt ASX:CLQ

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Top 5 Commodities - The Impending Energy Revolution

Rodney  Forrest

With the world embarking on a potential Third Industrial Revolution, according to one well-known economic advisor to China and the European Union, Jeremy Rifkin, the landscape for the commodities of today may well not be the commodities of tomorrow. Rifkin recently said: Show More

Buybacks to drive ASX in 2018 - South 32 Focus

Rodney  Forrest

The ASX currently has ~121 companies undertaking share buybacks. The top 22 companies (in size of buyback) have a planned buyback program of $7.73b. Show More


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The #1 Acquirer’s Multiple in the ASX300

Rodney  Forrest

Ray Dalio, arguably the most successful hedge fund manager in the world, manages $160b. In his recent book Principles: Life and Work, he says: Show More

valuation ASX:FMG

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Thanks for comments everyone - agree $10k in adjusted PV terms is significant - i must stress however to all as disclosed always do your own research or get advice before making any decisions.

On A 130-year Compounder -

Great piece - awesome. I would add under what to look for; 1. who has funding, 2. management, and 3. register. That would materially change the preferred portfolio in my opinion.

On The metal you can't live without -

Great article - excellent point on Working Capital. My preference however is Z1P (Zip Co). It is 400% cheaper to APT in ratio of market cap / vendor count. Future is bright for both APT and Z1P

On Much more growth ahead for Afterpay -

Very nice to see FMG being supported. It still remains the #1 Acquirer Mutiple. Many thanks to LiveWire for publishing my earlier piece on FMG

On What Mattered Today: Why we own FMG -

Well written, inflation is well and truly about to kick off. As a teacher of Econometrics, I mapped 50 years of commodity data and we are about to enter a new era of inflation - hope you enjoy the piece

On How I’m playing the return of inflation -