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Top 5 Commodities - The Impending Energy Revolution

Rodney  Forrest

With the world embarking on a potential Third Industrial Revolution, according to one well-known economic advisor to China and the European Union, Jeremy Rifkin, the landscape for the commodities of today may well not be the commodities of tomorrow. Rifkin recently said: Show More

Buybacks to drive ASX in 2018 - South 32 Focus

Rodney  Forrest

The ASX currently has ~121 companies undertaking share buybacks. The top 22 companies (in size of buyback) have a planned buyback program of $7.73b. Show More


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The #1 Acquirer’s Multiple in the ASX300

Rodney  Forrest

Ray Dalio, arguably the most successful hedge fund manager in the world, manages $160b. In his recent book Principles: Life and Work, he says: Show More

valuation ASX:FMG

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Great article - excellent point on Working Capital. My preference however is Z1P (Zip Co). It is 400% cheaper to APT in ratio of market cap / vendor count. Future is bright for both APT and Z1P

On Much more growth ahead for Afterpay -

Very nice to see FMG being supported. It still remains the #1 Acquirer Mutiple. Many thanks to LiveWire for publishing my earlier piece on FMG

On What Mattered Today: Why we own FMG -

Well written, inflation is well and truly about to kick off. As a teacher of Econometrics, I mapped 50 years of commodity data and we are about to enter a new era of inflation - hope you enjoy the piece

On How I’m playing the return of inflation -