East coast exposure at Perth prices

Sam Berridge

Tighter travel budgets for brokers in recent times have reduced the frequency of visits through WA, with those that do take place generally focusing on the miners and larger mining services companies. This leads to smaller WA industrial stocks being ignored, which can create opportunities. One such opportunity is Veris... Show More

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Beneficiaries of a stronger currency

Sam Berridge

Beneficiaries of a higher AUD include businesses that are consumers of US dollar denominated goods and services, or beneficiaries of an increased desire for foreign goods and services by Australian consumers. An example of the former might be retailers or certain health care providers, and the latter would be airlines... Show More

Small cap with defensive earnings and growth

Sam Berridge

Pacific Energy (PEA) announced an additional 11 Megawatts of power generation capacity for their Western Australian Pilgangoora lithium project this week. The award takes year-on-year growth to 8.0%, with a good chance of further contract awards in the near term. PEA’s take-or-pay contract structure offers defensive earnings, a positive growth... Show More

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