Patrick Poke

For more than a year now, fears of a housing-led recession have been building in Australia. First, auction clearances fell in a hole, then house price declines, falling credit growth and building approvals, and finally, unemployment began to rise. A month ago, further falls seemed inevitable. Then Australian woke up... Show More

Expert Insights

With challenges for equity markets rising, even a defensively positioned balance fund, with just 45-50% equity exposure could struggle to deliver positive returns, warns Simon Doyle, Head of Fixed Income & Multi-Asset at Schroders Australia, who emphasises that true flexibility in asset allocation will be critical ahead. In this exclusive,... Show More

Investment Theme
Simon Doyle

On the back of the worst March quarter since 2008, indicators show the end of the current cycle is in sight. Trump’s jostle with China is more of a concern than his ‘war of Tweets’ with North Korea, and coupled with the inability of investors to rely on central bank... Show More

Simon Doyle

Although much of the focus remains on the February market activity, a tipping point between unemployment and inflation in the US approaches and so inflation remains a key risk. February revealed the first cracks in the relative market stability of the last year, as higher inflation fears both drove bond... Show More

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