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"As soon as you start to get comfortable in a particular stock or company, we're generally selling and finding the next uncomfortable thing to own." That’s the contrarian nature that exists at Allan Gray and is reinforced by their fund managers. In the latest instalment of our Fund Manager Q&A,... Show More

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Going against human instinct and taking a contrarian approach to investing is not for everyone. It takes practice, and commitment in your convictions as well as restraint and patience. For a contrarian investor, getting 60% of your investments right is a good result. But by definition, that means getting it... Show More

Expert Insights

Contrarian investing is like an extreme form of value investing; contrarians will make investments that even a bold value manager would baulk at. It’s a fact of investing in unloved (and, in some cases, distressed) companies that some of the companies you invest in will fail. Simon Mawhinney, Chief Investment... Show More

Expert Insights

When you invest in a business like AMP, nobody stops you in the street to tell you what a great investment it is. While the businesses that AMP run may not look very appealing, Simon Mawhinney, Chief Investment Officer at Allan Gray Australia, says it’s the price that you pay... Show More


Increased uncertainty surrounding global trade and economic growth appears to have weakened market sentiment. Volatility has increased significantly (but most likely to more normal, rather than elevated, levels) and investors have sought refuge in companies with defensive earnings streams. We are not invested in these companies as they appear to... Show More

There are three factors that need to be present when we consider an investment in a resource company: low commodity prices, a declining supply, and poor sentiment. On this basis, we think that gold could be a great opportunity, and discuss one ASX gold producer well placed to leverage this. Show More

It seems CEO pay packets have reached almost unprecedented levels. According to a recent report from the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors, all but six of the 80 CEOs of Australia’s 100 largest companies who were eligible in 2017 received a bonus. The report also called for greater transparency around... Show More

Sigma is a wholesaler of pharmaceutical products. It acts as an intermediary distributor that buys drugs from manufacturers and sells them to the pharmacies that ultimately dispense these drugs to Australians in need. Some of these pharmacies operate under one of Sigma’s banners (see Figure 1), while others are independently... Show More

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