Sinclair Currie

Sinclair Currie is a Principal and Co-Founder of NovaPort Capital with 18 years of investment experience. Prior to establishing NovaPort, Sinclair worked at Challenger Limited (Challenger) managing over $200 million in funds.


There’s a snail in my bottle!

Sinclair Currie

In Paisley 80 years ago, a woman became ill after being served ginger beer from a bottle containing a decomposing snail. The ensuing claim for damages resulted in a lengthy legal process resulting in success for the claimant. This precedent created a legal risk associated with poor quality service and... Show More

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Trump: The opportunities and impact to date

Sinclair Currie

The President-elect’s style, approach, diplomacy and agenda are not easy to pin down. One might call it pragmatic or populist. It is possible that he becomes more conventional as President than he was as a candidate, however his position as an ‘outsider’ to Washington (and even within his own party)... Show More

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