Tom Stevenson

Tom joined Fidelity in March 2008. He acts as a spokesman and commentator on investments and is responsible for defining and articulating the Personal Investing business’s investment view. Tom is an expert on markets, investment trends and themes.


Be careful what you wish for

Tom Stevenson

When, a couple of years ago, Saudi Arabia was twisting the arms of Russia and 22 other oil producing countries to stem the flow of crude, the oil price was already off its low of less than $30 a barrel. But at around $50 in late 2016, it still represented... Show More

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What does a pair of jeans and the US Post Office have in common?

Tom Stevenson

Little on the face of it, but from an investment perspective quite a lot. They are both second-order beneficiaries of someone else’s investment boom. The jeans manufacturer grew out of a dry goods business set up in San Francisco to supply the thousands of hopeful miners who flocked to California... Show More

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Goldilocks has packed her bags

Tom Stevenson

A couple of weeks ago, I suggested that 2018 would be the year in which we waved goodbye to Goldilocks. By that, I meant that the unusually favourable conditions investors enjoyed in 2017 - solid growth, lower for longer interest rates, subdued inflation and a lack of volatility - could... Show More

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What's keeping investors awake right now?

Tom Stevenson

Every three months I knock on my colleagues’ doors and ask them what they’re thinking about the markets. It’s interesting to hear what’s keeping them up at night. Even more interesting is what they are worried about. What moves a market is, by definition, not what investors have already priced... Show More

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2018: A balancing act

Tom Stevenson

Most of the time investors don’t need to think too much about market timing or asset allocation. The long-term trajectory of financial markets is up and the only sensible thing to do is to be fully invested and allow the odds to work in your favour. As we enter 2018,... Show More

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Political instability creating investment opportunities

Tom Stevenson

Does politics matter to investors? Read any market report and the answer might seem obvious. Market movements are often explained as reactions to an unfolding political story - Brexit, Catalonia, North Korea, Trump, European elections. All of these have at times over the past 18 months seemed to be key... Show More

A good week to be thinking about risk

Tom Stevenson

This is a good week to be thinking about risk. A string of natural disasters in the Americas and a potential man-made catastrophe in Asia coincide with the anniversaries of two events that caught us napping in years past. None of us will forget this day 16 years ago when... Show More

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