One attraction of investing small caps is the potential to uncover one of those rare gems that start small and go on to become big caps. Stocks like Magellan, Fortescue and SEEK spring to mind. Livewire asked Marcus Burns from Spheria for one company he thinks has market-leading potential. Show More

In order to outperform, being contrarian isn’t enough, you need to be contrarian AND right. As investment strategist and author, Michael Moubossin wrote; “being a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian is not a good idea… When the movie theatre is on fire, run out the door.” Show More

We don’t see small cap stocks as being especially cheap at the moment, however there are some sectors that have been aggressively marked down and appear to offer some opportunities. The retail space for instance, whilst facing a number of headwinds, appears to have been overly punished as the prospect... Show More

SMS Management (SMX) is an IT consulting company that has had several profit warnings in the last twelve months which culminated in the CEO departing the business in early May. Whilst a swift turnaround is unlikely, we think the business is materially under earning. In FY10, SMX generated an EBIT... Show More

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