Tamar Hamlyn


Ardea Investment Management

Tamar leads interest rate and macro strategies for Ardea Investment Management and is responsible for strategic views on the economy and financial markets. Tamar co-founded Ardea Investment Management.


More trouble on the way?

Tamar Hamlyn

This time last year we wrote on Livewire that inflation and volatility charts were the ones we were watching most closely. Following the recent surge in both measures, Livewire got in touch to ask what we expect from here, and what investors can do about it. Show More

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Global Fixed Income markets: a fragile balance

Tamar Hamlyn

Recently, I returned from a study tour of the world capitals of global macroeconomic policy. This report includes my observations from the road after meeting with key policy making officials, as well as economists and market participants across the US, EU, UK, China and Japan. In short, the current market... Show More

Trump Election... the impact so far

Tamar Hamlyn

Ardea have been monitoring markets closely over the past 24 hours as you can imagine, and while the volatility has been significant, we think overall these events are favourable for markets and good for investors. Show More

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