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I recently had the opportunity to sit down for 30 minutes with Hamish Douglass, the CIO of Magellan at their new offices in Sydney. We discussed a wide range of topics from his biggest influences to the most impactful trends that are driving his investment strategy today. During my time... Show More

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Livewire is proud to announce its partnership with one of Australia’s most innovative FinTech companies, Sharesight. Since 2009 Sharesight has been developing a unique, cloud-based, portfolio tracking and reporting tool that makes it easy to understand your trading history and dividends. The software is now used by over 40,000 (happy)... Show More

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KPMG, AWI and the FSC have released their 50 Best Fintech Innovators report for 2014. The report ranks companies that are driving disruption within the international financial services industry and features big global names such as Square, Kickstarter and Xero. We're very proud to see Livewire get a run as... Show More

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Seek out views that are contrary to your own. Vitaliy Katsenelson says When you are long a stock you are naturally trying to seek out investors who share your opinion, and you naturally stay away from those who have contrary views. This is the comfortable thing to do. Instead, we... Show More

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What causes market contagion? Sydney Ludvigson, an economics professor at New York University co-authored a study that found that 75% of short-term stock price movements have to do with changes in investors appetite for risk. It turns out the theory does a pretty good job of explaining the recent tech... Show More

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How do different Asset returns compare year on year? Novel Investor has produced an interactive chart that allows you to compare the performance of various assets over the past 15 years. For every year since 2000 it ranks Large Caps, Small Caps, International Stocks, Emerging Market Stocks, REITS, High-Grade Bonds,... Show More

From the New York Times: “From a Western market perspective, what China is trying to do cuts against everything we know that will work. But they don’t see this the way we do. People in the Western democracies tolerate volatility. But the failure of equity markets in China could translate into social unrest, which is a horrifying prospect for the Chinese leadership.”

On Rule #1 of the Chinese stockmarket -

JP Morgan agrees that’s there’s light at the end of the tunnel for Europe saying “There are a number of key catalysts in place for Europe in 2015” Watch the 1 min video:

On Roubini: There are signs of life in the eurozone -

HSBC's economists Paul Bloxham and Adam Richardson agree... the bar for RBA intervention as very high and unlikely to be met anytime soon. Just speaking about the possibility of intervention was enough to see the Australian dollar sell-off. While the RBA would clearly have welcomed this move, time will tell whether this weakness persists. With much of the weight of the Governor's commentary and the RBA's own modelling indicating that the Australian dollar is not far from fair value and with intervention seen as costly, we still think there is a very high bar set before the RBA would actually consider intervening.

On Glenn Stevens may have opened the door on currency intervention, yet many Analysts think it's unlikely that he will intervene -

It looks like financials may extend those numbers further this year...

On Sell in May -

Thanks for the full update Jay. For anyone that's interested, here's the full FOMC release:

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Significant turn around for them since May 2013 when they forecasted gold to bounce back to $1600.

On BNP Paribas cut its 2014 gold forecast to $1095 -

China has just lifted the ban on Facebook but only for people in Shanghai. Will be interesting to see the takeup. I'm guessing due to the exclusivity and desire for Chinese to understand what's going on in the rest of the world it will be good.

On Facebook is close to being dethroned as the world's number one social network (unfortunately not by Livewire) -

Here's the link if you are a member of FT:

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