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Vasilios (Vas) is the Co-Founder, Executive Director and Investment Manager of the Fund. Prior to founding the Fund, Vas managed equity portfolios for wholesale clients at Leyland Private Asset Management where he was a Portfolio Manager from 2010...


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Uber Drivers and property bubbles

Vas Piperoglou

Upon returning from a business trip last week we caught an Uber. Being value investors we have a keen appreciation for value in all aspects of our life and we have been early adopters and frequent users. The only downside is we no longer receive 'investment advice' from cab drivers.... Show More

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Absolutely scary. Worth mentioning US PE ratio (apart from dot com boom) is at an all time high and Australian market PE ratio is at a 15 year high.

On 4 eye-opening charts from the RBA -

William that is very true that Melb & Sydney represent the vast bulk of total real estate. These 2 cities hold the key and if they turn down over a few months in a row, this could be a sign. Syndey has just had 1 negative month (although small)!

On Uber Drivers and property bubbles -