Vimal Gor

Appointed Head of Income & Fixed Interest in June 210, Vimal is responsible for setting strategy, processes and risk management. He oversees $16.4 billion invested across Income, Composite, Pure Alpha, Global and Australian Government strategies.


Another chapter in the volatility story

Vimal Gor

While the situation in Europe is likely to continue capturing investors’ attention in the near-term, the real story is one that we have spoken of repeatedly this year, namely; the return of volatility. Show More

Was January 26 the cycle peak?

Vimal Gor

There are two attitudes you can take to the February 2018 “flash crash”. The first, and overwhelmingly the most popular, is that this was a technically driven correction in the markets, exacerbated by carry monkeys such as the short-VIX crowd, and that the pause since then has provided a refresh... Show More

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US Tax Reform raises risks for high yield issuers

Vimal Gor

Tax reform legislation finally seems to be moving along in the US. While the equity markets cheer, the consequences for junk-rated issuers can be very unpleasant. As much as 4/5 of the high yield issuers could be worse off as a result of the proposed changes, which may in turn... Show More

US Tax Reform

Inflation - still no lift-off, but not all gloom...

Vimal Gor

Within the latest inflation figures lies some critical data: While the breadth of low inflation items is an ongoing concern, the RBA should be encouraged by higher non-tradable inflation and a few early signs from the housing sector. Show More


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An unstable equilibrium

Vimal Gor

We have been living in a low-vol world for a while now, driven by a massive alphabet soup of central bank liquidity, which have been delivered globally. If it’s not the Fed engaging in QE’s 1, 2 and 3, it’s the ECB’s PSPP and CSPP bid, BoJ’s QE and yield... Show More

A change in the trend?

Vimal Gor

Just as the markets had convinced themselves they were in for an uneventful carryharvesting summer, something started to change at the end of the month, with central bank communication seemingly dominating economic data with respect to their impact on market moves. Whilst the theme of disinflation continued to play out... Show More

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All aboard the risk train

Vimal Gor

Perhaps to say that there is complacency in the market is too broad a generalisation, it just seems like there are just so many contradictions out there currently. Equities and fixed income markets are saying very different things; while the S+P 500 and VIX are very sanguine, US bonds are... Show More

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Why we are getting more cautious on China

Vimal Gor

The reason that China will always find itself in a position where its hand is forced on rates is because they continue to try and manage the currency and avoid significant depreciation while having a leaky capital account, which still enables individuals and corporates to get their money out of... Show More

China rates

Passing the baton

Vimal Gor

The first month of the year should help set the tone for the remainder of 2017. One of the most important takeaways from recent market activity has been the shift in the perceived importance of event risk. The voice of central bankers has seemingly witnessed a decibel level drop as... Show More

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