Vince Pezzullo

Vince is Deputy Head of Equities and Portfolio Manager for Australian Share, Geared Australian Shares, Direct Equity Alpha and Perpetual Equity Investment Company (ASX: PIC).


Three potential areas of upside for New Hope

Vince Pezzullo

New Hope Coal produces high calorific value thermal coal with relatively low impurities. The majority of its product is exported to Asia and sold to electricity producers. This type of coal is expected to command a premium in the long term because it allows power plants to operate more efficiently... Show More


3 undervalued Aussie stocks

Vince Pezzullo

Today, markets are now thinking about risk rather than what’s on the upside. They’re asking, “what multiple am I paying and what am I going to get from that multiple?”. One way to protect the downside, is to make money on the buy. So, if you get a reasonable multiple,... Show More


Change brings opportunity in the big four

Vince Pezzullo

The recent and sudden surge in market volatility in early February has highlighted the rising disconnect between the economy and markets. For some time many asset prices have been artificially inflated by trillions of dollars in monetary stimulus and ultra-low rates as central banks have tried to reignite sluggish economies. Show More


Markets, process and performance

Vince Pezzullo

Over the past few weeks I’ve been presenting to investors as part the Perpetual Equity Investment Company roadshow. Today I believe there are some important changes taking place in the market that have implications for the level of risk investors are taking to access equity returns. Show More

Perpetual Equity Investment Company ASX:PIC

Fletcher: Better times ahead?

Vince Pezzullo

Fletcher Building is a diversified building materials and construction company operating in over 40 countries. While the last 12 months have been challenging, we see an opportunity for significant upside over time. Show More


Oil Search: Significant value upside

Vince Pezzullo

Oil Search (ASX:OSH) is a A$10.5bn (market cap) oil & gas company, incorporated in Papua New Guinea but listed in Australia. We took the view that, at the bottom of the oil price cycle, they represented a high quality, low-risk exposure to the energy sector. Show More


Turnaround on track at Medibank

Vince Pezzullo

Medibank is one of Australia’s largest private health insurers, with a current market share of approximately 27%. We built a position in the second half of 2016 when concerns about rising claims costs and management change resulted in valuations which we believed were attractive. Show More

health insurance medibank ASX:MPL

So how much risk are you taking?

Vince Pezzullo

Markets have a tendency to move between states of fearing the future where there is no justification for being in markets (usually coincides with market bottoms), to believing that risk is easily measured and controlled whereby the fear of missing out is all encompassing (correlations with a market top is... Show More

6 months of transformational change for Bega

Vince Pezzullo

A recent addition to the portfolio, Australian dairy and foods business, Bega Cheese, was the largest single contributor to performance of the portfolio for the month of June. Over the past 6 months, Bega has seen transformational change in its business through the completion of three major transactions: Show More


What’s next for our largest global position?

Vince Pezzullo

The European financial sector has offered a rare pocket of value globally, and has started to see buying in recent months. One of the largest global positions in our portfolio sits in this thematic, and has gained 27% year-to-date. In this short blog for Livewire we give an overview of... Show More


Perpetual Equity Investment Company Interim Results Presentation

Vince Pezzullo

Earlier this week I presented to investors on the half year results for the Perpetual Equity Investment Company. I also shared our views on the current investment backdrop and discussed how we are positioning the portfolio in the current environment. Show More

Sticking with the out-of-favour names in 2017

Vince Pezzullo

Growth and yield stocks have had a strong run for several years and the unwinding of this “HIPP bubble” (Health, Infra, Property … and Pizza) has only just begun in recent months, and has a long way to unwind yet. We are conscious that we may be at – or... Show More

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