Domestically focused investors will most likely be ‘diversified’ primarily across four banks and two miners, a strategy that exposes you to shifting rate markets and the vagaries of the commodity cycle. In contrast, investing globally opens up the full spectrum of sectors, but the question then is how to do... Show More

Warryn Robertson

History shows that the market is more discerning in tough times as opposed to when things are going swimmingly, when many less-than-stellar companies are carried along by the sentiment and momentum of favourable operating conditions. Show More


There are only two times in history that the market has been more expensive than today; March of 2000, and in 1929. Students of financial history would recognise these ominous dates, as they preceded two of the largest crashes in the last 100 years. Disconnects like this require a major... Show More


‘Economic moats’ allow companies to maintain their competitive advantage, so are essential for long-term profitability, but also for responding to a structural threat. Warryn Robertson, Portfolio Manager at Lazard Global Equity Franchise lists a cluster of stocks in this short video, whose moats enabled them to turn such a threat... Show More

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