Weimin Xie

Weimin has more than 10 years direct experience in the Australian small to mid-cap equity market honed over 3 years with Ophir Asset Management as a portfolio manager, and 7 years with Kosmos Asset Management as an analyst.


7 Key Decisions on a2 Milk's Road to Success

Weimin Xie

A2 Milk (A2M) is a global branded dairy company that has its core competency in marketing. Its a2-beta protein fresh milk and infant formula has achieved fast growth and significant market share in both Australia and China. Shareholders have been very well rewarded with share price increases from A$0.56 at... Show More


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10-baggers are everywhere (so are 100-baggers)

Weimin Xie

A 10-bagger is a stock that goes up 10-times in value. It is a concept made famous by Peter Lynch, the well-known fund manager from Fidelity. For most fund managers, picking a 10-bagger is often enough to make a career. I have some good news and some bad news for... Show More


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Bellamy’s becoming a more attractive asset

Weimin Xie

We have followed the Bellamy’s Organics (BAL) story since the IPO in 2014, including its rise to prominence in 2015 - 2016 and its downfall in late 2016 - early 2017. Here we outline why it may become an attractive asset for a corporate buyer. Show More

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Like buying Xero in the early days

Weimin Xie

Consumer finance is like fashion. It needs to evolve to suit the taste of each generation of consumers. 20 years ago FlexiRent did well, 10 years ago Certegy captured a solid audience base. The current generation includes Afterpay and now Zip, which do not charge interest and integrate much more... Show More


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