2018 Outlook Series

The ten most tipped stocks for 2018

Alex Cowie

When we asked you to suggest a stock tip in our 2018 Livewire reader survey, there were a few names that came up regularly. Drawing from the database of 2617 responses, here are the 10 stocks that readers tipped the most, with exclusive insights from our contributors for each one.... Show More

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Outlook 2018: Developed markets looking expensive

Jacob Mitchell

The year of 2017 was the year of the structural winner, with the market led higher by the digital platform “FAAMNGS” (the acronym keeps extending as the list of perceived winners broadens) and the stylistic domination of Growth. Disruption was never more topical with nothing appearing more disruptive than crypto-currency... Show More

Outlook 2018: A mixed bag for residential housing

Pete Wargent

We should expect to see variations around the country for residential housing in 2018. For example, the Hobart market is extremely tight and there will be ongoing price gains there, and some peri-urban regional markets in New South Wales & Victoria are tracking well. Overall, though, access to credit is... Show More

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Outlook 2018: Australian credit remains attractive

Nick Bishop

We expect 2018 to be a stable year for Australian fixed income, with the performance of the domestic economy constraining the RBA’s ability to increase interest rates in the near-term. This is predominantly the result of weak wage growth and inflation running below the RBA’s target. The former is due... Show More

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Outlook 2018: What’s in store for small caps?

Simon Conn

An outlook for 2018 is best served with a quick recap of the last six months. After a tepid first half of 2017, the Australian Small Ordinaries index (XSO) rose strongly over the second half of the calendar year, to be up over 18% (at the end of December). While... Show More

True or False? 5 big issues for 2018

Livewire Exclusive

In part three of Livewire’s ‘Predictions and Top Picks’ series, our panel of experts tackle five big questions for the year ahead. Will Australian inflation pick up? Will global tech stocks undergo a correction? Find out the answers to these questions and more in the video and edited transcript below. Show More

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Outlook 2018: Volatility coming as central bank support winds back

Colonial First State Global Asset Management

After a favorable “risk on” year that brought numerous new highs to many stock market indices worldwide without significant drawdowns, investors have perhaps become lulled into a state of complacency and security around their investment portfolio allocations. Show More

Outlook 2018: Stars align for Asian markets

Dr. Mary Manning

Asian markets have had a very strong year, up 29% year to date in 2017 (in AUD terms). This performance has been driven by a combination of strong earnings growth and moderate multiple expansion. Outstanding market performance in China and India and strong sector performance in the Asian mega-cap technology... Show More

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Outlook 2018: Aussie equities - positioning for the economic upswing

Paradice Investment Management

After years of incredibly easy monetary policy globally we are finally amid a synchronised global economic recovery the likes of which we have not seen in over a decade. Show More

Livewire Summer School: To dance, or not to dance?

Dominic   McCormick

It's that time of year when investment professionals forecast the year ahead. But how useful are these? As one commentator put it; "strategists are forecasting a gain of around 7% for the S&P 500 in 2018. That's about how much they thought the S&P would rally in 2017. And 2016.... Show More

summer school 2018 Outlook Series

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2018 Predictions: Rates, The Dollar and Equities

Livewire Exclusive

It's that time of year again, the weather's warming up and everyone's having a good time. We’re going to stuff your Christmas stocking full of economic and stock predictions for 2018 so that you can pull them out over summer and have a very good time. Show More

2018 Outlook Series 2018 Predictions

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Outlook 2018: Where to for emerging markets?

Fidelity International

2017 was a robust year for Emerging Market (EM) equities with the continuation of a number of appreciating trends which commenced early in 2016. Broad drivers of the market included: Show More

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Outlook 2018: Still in the “sweet spot”, but expect more volatility ahead

Shane Oliver

2018 is likely to remain favourable for investors, but more constrained and volatile. Read on for my thoughts on what the key global themes are likely to be in the year ahead. Show More

2018 Outlook Series