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Rates are rising in the US, but it is less clear when Australia will follow suit. At our recent Investment Forum, we hosted six of Australia’s top investment strategists to discuss when the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) might hike, and to ask several other key questions, including where they... Show More

Jacob Mitchell

The initial public offering for Antipodes Global Investment Company Limited (ASX:APL) opens today. The LIC provides investors with access to an actively managed global equities portfolio in the convenience of an ASX listed vehicle. The portfolio will be predominantly comprised of long and short positions in international listed securities and... Show More

Jacob Mitchell, Chief Investment Officer at Antipodes Partners, is upbeat on the long-term picture for consumption based commodities and particularly the outlook for oil. Mitchell says the oil market is currently working through excess high-cost production. This production has already declined significantly, a trend that he says will continue and... Show More

Jacob Mitchell

South Korea is increasingly viewed as the “Bermuda Triangle” of financial markets. Value investors have in recent times been swallowed up by a market that has retreated to levels not seen since the Global Financial Crisis. The lure of low starting valuations have been overwhelmed by the usual chorus of... Show More