Apple Inc

PM Capital

As we’ve reached the end of the first quarter calls in the US, we can take a snapshot of the tech sector and see what it may tell us about the future. Earnings reported by technology companies across a range of subsectors have been good. In the internet space, both... Show More

Lachlan MacGregor

This week we saw Apple’s share price suffer a hangover from the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Tesla surprised the market with the rumour that it is partnering with AMD for an autonomous driving chip, knocking Nvidia’s shares. Google bought HTC’s Pixel hardware team. And amusing (and... Show More

Mark Tobin

For many investors that focus on small cap and microcap stocks, the dream is of finding a 10-bagger or even a 100-bagger stock. The little stock that turned into an absolute world beater, something akin to finding a McDonalds in the late 1960’s when it had roughly a 1,000 outlets... Show More

Alex Pollak

Adrian Turner nailed it yesterday at the AFR Summit, saying that 40 per cent of Australia's jobs will disappear in 10 years. "The fourth industrial revolution is under way and the winners will be so far ahead of the losers, Australia has no choice but to pivot to the new... Show More

Marcus Tuck

The world’s most valuable company, Apple Inc (AAPL.US) reported three straight quarters of lower year-on-year sales and its first annual sales decline since 2001, as was expected. Show More

Justin Braitling

Income growth and investment in mobile infrastructure in emerging markets such as China and India, present Apple with huge new markets for the iPhone. Sales of the iPhone following its Chinese product launch in 2009 were unimpressive, a result of compatibility issues with the proprietary 3G network technology run by... Show More