Fallen angels and upside surprises

Andrew Mitchell

While the month-end reports for February will indicate the ASX Small Ordinaries finished the February reporting period dead flat, it would be difficult to find any smaller cap investors this month that would summarise the reporting period as dreary. Show More

Highs and Lows from Reporting Season

Hugh Dive

Last week saw the end of reporting season for 180 of the S&P/ASX200 companies and around 2,000 of the companies listed on the ASX. Over the past month, these companies revealed their profit results for the six months ending December 2017 and provided guidance as to how they expect their... Show More


Don't buy value just for value's sake

Michael Wayne

To assist investors in navigating these increasingly uncertain times, we have tried to distill in this wire some of the key themes to emerge out of earnings season. We also nominate one of our top picks in the mid-cap education space with some of the key traits we believe investors... Show More

Valuations, and the rewriting of a proverb

Martin Conlon

A2 Milk has posted great results with an almost 50% increase in revenue, but it strengthens the perspective that many valuations of businesses remain disconnected from whatever levels of cashflow are evident. It’s as if a bunch of birds in the bush are better than one in the hand. Show More

valuations schroders ASX:A2M

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Fresh ideas and new opportunities

Livewire Exclusive

Reporting season has just concluded and we've lined up two of the best-read managers in Australia to get their take on the health of Australian corporates. Chris Prunty from QVG Capital argues that we've just witnessed 'the best reporting season in years' and with that comes a raft of new... Show More

15 stocks to watch following reporting season

Alex Cowie

The chaos of reporting season makes a good case against markets being efficient. It will take weeks, if not months, to fully parse the recent data download of many hundreds of reports, and to also process views gleamed from the ensuing company roadshows. Reporting season can thus generate a long... Show More

What Mattered Today; A2 Milk whacks it out of the park!

James Gerrish

Almost a mirror image of yesterday’s trading day today with the market following the overseas lead lower early, before buyers stepped in with the market bouncing in and out of positive territory throughout the afternoon. Reporting once again dominated today, it was Aussie investors first opportunity at BHP after their... Show More


a2 Milk: What the market missed

Andrew Mitchell

The acceleration of growth in China for A2’s infant milk formula products is very impressive. They now have just over 5% market share of the Chinese infant formula market. Remember the total Chinese infant milk formula market is approximately $20bn in size, with a number of incumbents sitting around the... Show More

ASX:A2M Ophir Asset Management What the market missed

Make market corrections your ally

Roger Montgomery

Recent experience excepted, corrections are typically more frequent and regular than many would prefer, so investing should not occur without acceptance of this. That said, it’s important to prepare, first by making the right investments, and secondly by adopting the right temperament. Show More


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The Rules of Investing: How to make money in small caps

Livewire Exclusive

After a rough start to the year in 2017, smaller companies had a stellar run in the back half that once again shone light on the smaller end of the market. With nearly 20 years’ experience running a small cap mandate, Rob Frost from OC Funds has seen this kind... Show More

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A couple of hot stocks

Marcus Padley

A2M is up 9% in two days helped by the BAL earnings upgrade. It has also announced it will expand its brand throughout the North East of the US starting this month. The area is home to 60 million consumers which according to research from A2M accounts for 20% of... Show More

ASX:A2M growth stocks ASX:APT

The ten most tipped stocks for 2018

Alex Cowie

When we asked you to suggest a stock tip in our 2018 Livewire reader survey, there were a few names that came up regularly. Drawing from the database of 2617 responses, here are the 10 stocks that readers tipped the most, with exclusive insights from our contributors for each one.... Show More

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What Mattered Today; a2 Milk to trade lower

James Gerrish

A second consecutive day of selling with the ASX trading in the red for most of the session – a few stocks bucking the trend on broker moves but in aggregate a fairly soft session across the board. As we discussed in the AM report today, the selling yesterday (and... Show More


Bell Potter Analyst Outlook & Top Stock Picks for 2018

Bell Potter

In this report, our analysts share their sector view and top stock picks for 2018 across sectors including banks and general insurers, diversified financials, LICs, fixed income, agricultural FMCG, technology, discretionary retail, industrials, resources, and healthcare & biotech. Show More

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Announcing the winners of Livewire readers’ 2017 stock picks

Alex Cowie

It is time to call a winner on the Livewire 2017 outlook series stock calls. To recap, this time last year, we asked readers to participate in our survey, the final part of which was a stock pick. There were over 630 submissions, with more than 230 different stocks named.... Show More


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Three Agricultural FMCG stocks for 2018

Bell Potter

The agricultural FMCG sector encompasses a group of ~35 stocks covering a diverse set of commodities. Earnings in the sector are highly volatile and subject to short term changes in weather patterns and commodity values which are often dependent on global trends. Show More


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Ophir: Growth hides all sins

Livewire Exclusive

There was a time when having exposure to companies with offshore earnings was considered a drag for Aussie investors. Today, however, Australia’s most successful growth investors are seeking to identify those companies with the ability to enter and then capture a thin slice of some truly lucrative global markets. Show More


Buy Hold Sell: 5 global growth stocks

Buy Hold Sell

There are 323 million people in the US, 743 million in Europe, and 1.3 billion in China. When looking at Australia’s population of just 24 million coupled with a low growth environment, the case for offshore expansion is compelling. However, these are competitive markets with different practices and regulatory environments.... Show More


Can a2 Milk’s earnings match the hype?

Martin Conlon

In the space of just one month, a2 Milk added more than $1bn of additional market capitalisation, Wisetech Global not far short of $1bn, and Blackmores more than $500m. In the case of a2 Milk and Wisetech these amounts are substantially more than their reported revenues for the 2017 year,... Show More

Schroders Australia ASX:A2M

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Fund managers, Readers and Sharesight users: Whose 2017 picks are leading?

Alex Cowie

At the end of 2016 we surveyed contributors and readers for their top stock pick for this year. Our friends at Sharesight polled their users too, and have just updated us on which of these three groups is in the lead… Show More