What Mattered Today: Webjet cops an upgrade

James Gerrish

Weak leads from overseas markets this morning saw our market open softer however as is often the case in the second part of December, the buyers stepped up and pushed the market into the black, with a close near the highs. As we wrote this morning, historically buying any early... Show More


Buy Hold Sell: Beaten up and unloved

Buy Hold Sell

The market isn’t always right, but a lot of the time it is. As Howard Marks once said, “You can’t do the same things others do and expect to outperform.” Dawn Kanelleas from Colonial First State Global Asset Management and David Allingham from Eley Griffiths share their view on four... Show More


Profit warnings and profit upgrades in 2017

Richard Coppleson

Of the profit warnings this year, 81% of them have been "downgrades". I have found some really interesting observations that I’ll mention through this note that are worth being aware of, before then discussing the main 15 "Positive" Profit Warnings in 2017. Show More

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Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170704

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market ran on positive China and US data before short covering pushed it to the best one day performance since Nov 2016 before RBA watered it down. Banks were up on global bank sentiment while Resources were up on China and Oil data. Retail data helped to push short... Show More

CEO INSIGHTS – Week Ending 13 Apr 2017

NAOS Asset Management

“Nearly every home in this country is either in build, design or construction” Peter Ryan, Chief Network Engineering Officer, NBN Show More


Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170328

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market had an unexpected strong day…bounced up and held up better than anyone expected after the weak US sentiment. Market was once again pushed up by the Banks but even the miners turned positive with Utilities and Gold were the only negative sectors. Dividend money flowing back... Show More

On the ground at Dreamworld

Patrick Poke

It’s been about five months since the horrible tragedy at Dreamworld (owned by Ardent Leisure Group) claimed the lives of four Australians. I recently visited Dreamworld on holidays, but as a believer in the Peter Lynch philosophy, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to have a look at how the... Show More

dreamworld ASX:AAD Ardent Leisure

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Cramming more people into the CBD is not sustainable

Martin Conlon

The role of population growth in hoodwinking the public is often ignored, and domestically, is a massively underappreciated driver. Population growth is manna from heaven for economists and politicians. They can quote GDP figures that show rising activity, even if per capita activity doesn’t move. It creates the means to... Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170307

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market fell on the open before recovering to finish positive again as US government passed health care changes and RBA confirmed that they are caught between a bubble and reflation. Utilities, Staples, IT and Health Care moved the market higher with support from Financials while Resources were main underperformers... Show More

Sunset Strip > Australian Market Trading Day Wrap from Blue Ocean Equities

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market was aimless and drifted lower as global markets digest US Fed’s “fairly soon” rate rise outlook while local reporting season hits top gear. Local market reaction to results are running into short covering. Investors are shooting first and then asking questions later. ABC for one was down early... Show More

Ardent: Getting ready for the main event

Wilson Asset Management

Last Friday, Ardent Leisure Group (ASX: AAD) provided a trading update for its Dreamworld and Main Event businesses. Despite seeing attendance numbers increase steadily since re-opening on 10 December 2016, Dreamworld’s unaudited revenue fell 63.0% to $3.66 million, versus $9.89 million recorded in December 2015. As we discussed at our... Show More


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Livewire readers’ ten favourite wires

Alex Cowie

This report bundles your 10 favourite wires from the 340 published by our contributors in October, with wires on LICs, tech, telco, property, and quality smallcaps featuring strongly. The stock-picking skills of Livewire readers were also on display with an 18% gain year-to-date for stocks tipped at the start of... Show More

Daily AGM Note, Thursday 27 October 2016

Avatar fallback

First of the big AGM days today - second strike but no Board spill at Boom Logistics, and changing the profile of the shareholders register explains the difference in the remuneration report vote at Cardno today. Some other key AGMs also attracting dissent. Today I've attached the daily AGM note... Show More

How to read between the lines of company guidance

Monash Investors Pty Limited

Reading between the lines of company guidance can reveal a great deal, explains Simon Shields, Principal at Monash Investors. “Ardent Leisure’s Main Event business in the United States provides family entertainment centres with bowling, rock climbing, etc. Ardent bought this business when there were only five centres in Texas and... Show More

Abernethy, Wilson and Tagliaferro: Where to from here?

Buy Hold Sell

In this special episode of Buy Hold Sell, we have assembled a panel of experts with 99 years of investment management experience between them. This discussion seeks to understand how these three seasoned investors are approaching the current backdrop of unprecedented central bank liquidity, and the second longest bull market in... Show More


Nine small to mid cap stocks to buy in October

Morgans Financial Limited

The constant swirl of macro noise will likely lead to more market gyrations over the next few months. Despite the overall sense of cautiousness, any severe swings will be trading opportunities for companies with sound fundamentals in an otherwise subdued economic backdrop. The pace of earnings growth across the market... Show More

Ardent sheds weight to deliver strong result

Robert Frost

Ardent Leisure’s (ASX: AAD) sale of the Goodlife health clubs and Hypoxi weight loss businesses caught the market by surprise early in the month, with the AAD share price opening 9% higher on the announcement. The gyms had been seen as a headache with business transformation underway to cope with... Show More

Australian tourism looks exciting going forward

Nicholas Forsyth

Currently, one of the hardest factors when investing in the Australian stock market is to find companies / sectors with decent growth potential moving forward that are on reasonable valuations. In a lot of instances, companies that have demonstrated strong growth over recent years are priced expensively, primarily due to... Show More


The winners & losers after recent volatility

Marcus Tuck

The recent volatility in bond yields has caused some sector rotation in equity markets. For the US and Australian equity markets we show in the table below the September-quarter-to-date local currency total returns across the main GICs sectors and industries. We have separated Banks and Real Estate out of Financials... Show More


How to profit from the Millennial generation

Livewire Exclusive

The Millennials - broadly defined as those from 18-35 years old - can be a difficult nut to crack. Many companies struggling to adapt to changing consumer preferences as Millennials tend to prefer experiences over assets. Chris Stott, Chief Investment Officer at Wilson Asset Management, identifies Domino's as a great... Show More