The cost of acquisition

Martin Conlon

Last year did not end with a whimper. In one corner, Frank Lowy and Rupert Murdoch chose to sell businesses they’d spent decades building, suggesting they believe selling prices are attractive. In the other, Aconex was the subject of a takeover bid from Oracle, AWE from Mineral Resources and Tox... Show More

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What Mattered Today: Shorts are for the beach

James Gerrish

A bullish open to trade this morning with the market responding well to developments in the US after the Republicans released their final version of their tax text on Friday which now looks like it has become a certainty rather than a strong possibility - a deal should be done... Show More


Aussie tech stocks Versus Alphabet

Sam Granger

There has been some recent commentary from a number of market participants suggesting that the US tech sector is “crowded” and “expensive”. In reality, the valuation of Alphabet compares very favourably to the Australian tech sector and the broader market. Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170822

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market climbed back higher gradually on the back of strong metal prices. Local market still struck in the narrow trading range since May. US market and geopolitics remain the macro overhang while reporting season is driving substantial volatility. Growth stories missing guidance or weak outlook statement are facing 15-20%... Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170811

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market was smacked down from the open on geopolitical risk…even the slight recovery after the morning fall withered away in the afternoon. DOW down over 200 and NASDAQ was snapped 2%. Safe haven investing was in play as bonds and gold bounced while equities were on the chopping block.... Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170707

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market ran into a global selloff with investors worried about bond market worries. Apart from the miners, every other sector saw pain after similar selloff in the US market overnight. NASDAQ showing more weakness…already below 50 day MA and heading towards 100 day MA…last time it broke 50 day... Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170704

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market ran on positive China and US data before short covering pushed it to the best one day performance since Nov 2016 before RBA watered it down. Banks were up on global bank sentiment while Resources were up on China and Oil data. Retail data helped to push short... Show More

A focus on Australian small cap tech

UBS Asset Management

There are many sensible reasons for investing in Australian small caps. For example: Access to earlier-stage, higher-growth businesses; a broader range of sector opportunities to pick from; an ability to more easily back future trends. As always, the golden rule with small companies is to leave it to the professionals.... Show More


Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170529

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market ran into some pain as market sentiment was low as major markets are closed tonight. US, UK and China were closed. Market Outlook likely to remain volatile in the short term with macro risks while medium to long term view remains positive. Given the recent US retail/housing weaker... Show More

Buy Hold Sell: 4 stocks feeling the heat

Buy Hold Sell

Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire, so in this episode the panel focus on four stocks that are feeling the heat right now. Activists, short sellers and industry disruption are all creating headaches for the likes of BHP, TPG Telecom, Quintis and Aconex. Show More

nbn short selling activism ASX:BHP ASX:TPM ASX:ACX asx:qin

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170329

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market had another solid day in line with US market after continued strong consumer and housing data. IT, Industrials and Energy were the best performers while Gold was the only negative sector. Banks continue to do the heavy lifting as more doubts were raised about the regulatory risks while... Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170306

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market fell on the open before recovering to finish a positive day on the back of the Chinese NPC update despite US Fed chair JY more or less confirming the rate rise cycle. Resources and TLS drove the market higher while Consumer Discretionary and Health Care weighed on the... Show More

Sunset Strip > Australian Market Trading Day Wrap

Mathan Somasundaram

Afternoon report with the Australian market aimless as the US was shut for President's Day: Show More

How to handle a major sell-off

Livewire Exclusive

Owners of high-quality, growing business are starting to look a little nervous following the high-profile falls of Aconex, Bellamy’s, Blackmores, and more. Hyperion Asset Management likes to invest in these kinds of quality, growing businesses, so we spoke to Managing Director, Tim Samway, to hear how he’s been handling sell-offs... Show More

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What can you learn from broker research?

Livewire Exclusive

The consulting firm Quinlan and Associates recently estimated that brokers publish over 40,000 research reports globally each week. With reporting season in full flow now and for the next few weeks, this number may even feel on the low side. With research flow peaking we asked Rudi Filapek-Vandyck from FNArena,... Show More

ASX:BXB ASX:VRT ASX:OFX ASX:ACX February 2017 Reporting Season

Hyperion: There’s a real opportunity at the moment

Livewire Exclusive

Tim Samway, Managing Director at Hyperion Asset Management, says that a focus on macro themes has created a real opportunity in a number of high-quality companies. “It’s very easy to take your eye off the ball, and that is the bottom-up approach of which companies are doing well over the... Show More


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Buy Hold Sell: Small-caps under pressure

Buy Hold Sell

Freddie Mercury once said “Tomorrow gets me higher, higher, higher...” but since October it’s been lower, lower, lower for small caps. After a sustained period of outperformance, the Small Ords have now underperformed the ASX 50 by 9.67% since the beginning of October. Of the five stocks discussed in this... Show More

ASX:RFG Longform ASX:ACX ASX:ALU asx:sda ASX:A2M

The Best Profit Prospect for the ASX In Years

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

The somewhat lackadaisical market sentiment leading into the February reporting season stands in sharp contrast with the hefty profit upgrades by analysts over the past four months. Depending on whose numbers we take as guidance, average profit growth (EPS) for the Australian share market this financial year increased over that... Show More

Avoiding the traps: Smaller companies H1 results preview

Steve McCarthy

Expectations for the upcoming reporting season are at the highest they have been in 3 years. In our experience, heightened expectations often lead to disappointments. This is particularly the case for industrials with global operations which in the last 6 months have had to contend with the impact of Brexit... Show More

Trading by those in the know

Hugh Dive

In finance, there is a vast industry of market experts that attempt to provide guidance as to future moves in share prices. Often their predictions are based on nebulous macroeconomic factors such as concerns about rising bond yields or market attitude to risk. These factors, however, rarely have a significant... Show More

ASX:SRX investment strategy Longform asx:bal ASX:ACX