Make market corrections your ally

Roger Montgomery

Recent experience excepted, corrections are typically more frequent and regular than many would prefer, so investing should not occur without acceptance of this. That said, it’s important to prepare, first by making the right investments, and secondly by adopting the right temperament. Show More


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10% outperformance in 7 weeks

Alex Cowie

The ASX-listed stocks highlighted by some of Australia’s leading fund managers at the 2017 Future Generation Investment Forum in May have defied seasonal weakness, and on average now gained 8.8% in the 7 weeks since the forum. This puts this interesting basket of stocks more than 10% ahead of the... Show More


Future generation stock ideas are outperforming

Alex Cowie

A cohort of Australia’s leading fund managers gathered at the 2017 Future Generation Investment Forum two weeks ago, each presenting their top stock idea. A clear trend is already emerging in the domestic stocks mentioned. While the broader market has pulled back 2.2% since the Forum, this group of stocks... Show More

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15 fresh investment ideas from Future Generation

Livewire Exclusive

The 2017 Future Generation Investment Forum has been a resounding success. Livewire provided coverage of the event in which 13 of Australia’s leading fund managers all offered at least one of their best stock ideas. Presenting firms include Magellan Financial Group, Tribeca Investment Partners, Wilson Asset Management, Morphic Asset Management,... Show More

Stock Story: Afterpay (AFY) - A “Value Investment”

Gary Hui

In general, we look for cheap, ugly, obscure and otherwise ignored companies where a mis-pricing is likely to occur. AFY – a fast growing company with a consensus FY18 P/E of ~41x – appears at first glance to be the antithesis of this, so why do we own it? Show More

5 top wires in April

Alex Cowie

April saw our first ever Buy Hold Sell Live event, where we hosted a top-flight panel in front of an intimate audience. The wires from the event were very popular this month. Also making this month's top wires were our video interview with Schroders, a buyside brief on stocks with... Show More

Afterpay ... buy now, merge later

Graeme Carson

Afterpay (ASX:AFY) is changing the way consumers buy retail goods and, in the process, is revolutionising layby. The outlook for growth in Afterpay isn't slowing but the market appears apprehensive with the recent announcement that AFY will merge with, its once big brother, Touchcorp (ASX:TCH). Is this an opportunity to... Show More

m&a small caps mergers and acquisitions ASX:AFY ASX:TCH

Wilson, Murray and Johnson: How they’re investing today

Buy Hold Sell

Livewire recently hosted an intimate investor evening where a handful of investors had the opportunity to hear how three local fund managers are investing today. The session covers the big picture view, investing strategy and also touches on a handful of stocks that look attractive (and a few that don’t). Show More

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Buy Hold Sell: 5 stocks riding demographic trends

Buy Hold Sell

Investing smartly into growing markets can present great opportunities, and backing demographic trends can be a good way to do this. Australia’s ageing demographic is a well known play on this, but we are also currently seeing tourist numbers, and childcare industry revenue, both growing at around 12% per annum.... Show More


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Buy Hold Sell: Five small-cap payments stocks

Buy Hold Sell

Macquarie Bank and ING are the latest Australian banks to offer Apple Pay in the accelerating global movement toward a cashless society. This multi-trillion dollar landgrab is turning incumbents on their head in many diverse industries such as retail, betting, transport and accounting. So in this week’s Buy Hold Sell,... Show More


5 stocks that exceeded expectations

Livewire Exclusive

Each week through reporting season, Livewire is asking a group of Buy Side Managers to pick one earnings result that they think was the standout earnings result of the week. Responses from Julian Babarczy, John Murray, Hugh Dive, Josh Kitchen at K2, the Nikko AM team, and Dean Fergie at... Show More

Result of the week: Afterpay

Dean Fergie

Afterpay (AFY.ASX), a provider of interest-free payment solutions for retail customers, has consistently beaten market expectations since listing in April 2016. That trend has continued this week with its 1H17 result producing some truly astonishing trading metrics: underlying sales of $145m (+370%); revenue of $6m (+417%) and an inaugural operating... Show More

ASX:AFY February 2017 Reporting Season

Lay by working for Afterpay

Wilson Asset Management

On Wednesday, online credit service company Afterpay Holdings Limited (ASX: AFY) provided a business update for the quarter ended 31 December 2016. Afterpay reported retail sales of over $100 million for Q2 FY17, up over 145% from the previous quarter. The company said it has continued to experience strong growth... Show More


Two big themes from the WAM portfolio

Patrick Poke

At the Wilson Asset Management presentation in Sydney yesterday, Portfolio Manager, Matt Haupt identified two big themes for the years ahead. Firstly, with mandated superannuation contributions set to increase from 9.5% to 12% over the next decade, superannuation is one of the few areas with reliable growth. Secondly, few would... Show More

How to profit from the Millennial generation

Livewire Exclusive

The Millennials - broadly defined as those from 18-35 years old - can be a difficult nut to crack. Many companies struggling to adapt to changing consumer preferences as Millennials tend to prefer experiences over assets. Chris Stott, Chief Investment Officer at Wilson Asset Management, identifies Domino's as a great... Show More


How Afterpay is revolutionising today's online shopping experience

Livewire Exclusive

Ever wanted to buy a product you've spotted online, but didn't have the spare cash? This dilemma is just as negative for the vendor as it is for the consumer. Dean Fergie, Director & Portfolio Manager at Cyan Investment Management, says one of their investments has a solution. Afterpay allows... Show More

payments fintech ecommerce ASX:AFY

Why Afterpay (ASX:AFY) is one of Cyan's top small-cap picks.

Dean Fergie

This morning the recently listed Afterpay (ASX:AFY) announced its first quarter results with all metrics (merchants, end-customers, merchant sales and, importantly, fees to AFY) up over 100% in the June quarter. Even before today's announcement, the stock had risen more than 60% since its ASX debut in early May 2016.... Show More

Afterpay - A New IPO Successfully Leveraging Online Sales

Dean Fergie

With the online sales space becoming increasingly competitive (let's face it, all shoppers searching for a generic product compares prices online) websites are looking for any comparable advantage to drive basket sizes and increase overall sales. Show More

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