Our Analysts' Buy-Rated Stocks

Bell Potter

After examining all of our analysts’ buy-rated stocks with a market capitalisation above $1.0 billion, we have identified ten of them which we particularly like over the next 12 months or so for private clients. Show More

Ten favoured stocks for 2018

Peter Quinton

After examining all of our analysts’ buy-rated stocks with a market capitalisation above $1.0 billion, we have identified ten of them which we particularly like over the next 12 months or so for private clients: Show More

See what The CEO's thought of the US Economy, Tourism & Travel and Commodities this week

NAOS Asset Management

“There are 4.8 million Airbnb users in Australia and 122,500 active listings, an increase of 40 per cent over last year” Joe Gebbia, Co-founder, Airbnb Show More


HRL Holdings: Another ALS in the making?

Mark Tobin

As noted in a previous article one of the ways to discover new ideas for further research is to look at stocks hitting new 52 week lows or 52-week highs for that matter. One such stock hitting 52-week lows which has come my attention is HRL Holdings (HRL:AX). Show More


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The time to buy small caps is close

David Allingham

We are currently witnessing a turning point for small caps. However investors should wait for the final tax loss selling of FY17 to subside in late June before committing. Post 30 June we expect small caps to have a strong period in both an absolute sense and versus large caps.... Show More


5 Oversold Small Caps

Livewire Exclusive

Livewire reached out to a group of small cap portfolio managers to ask for a stock that has been unduly sold down as part of a sector de-rating, rather than company specific issues. Their selections specifically highlighted the value now present in retail, mining services and infrastructure. Show More

CEO INSIGHTS – Week Ending 26 May 2017 by NAOS Asset Management

NAOS Asset Management

“The retail environment has made it difficult to deliver the planned sales and gross margin improvements as quickly as we would like” Mike Sonand, CEO, Surfstitch Show More


Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170524

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market moved up in the morning on weak global sentiment before getting hammered by Moody downgrading China. Market tried hard after that news to make a slight recovery and close in the positive. The best performers were Industrials, Staples and Telcos while Gold, Miners and Utilities were the worst... Show More

Four ASX100 stocks to buy in March

Morgans Financial Limited

Australian shares have generally followed the pattern of global equities, following a wave of Trump-induced optimism. While we have confidence in a cyclical turnaround over the medium term, we need to see signs of better earnings momentum before getting more comfortable with a much broader-based rally. In this environment, investors... Show More


Five ASX100 stocks to buy in January

Morgans Financial Limited

The key investment themes that defined the last three years are unlikely to define 2017. Until 2016, investors bought equities for yield and bonds for capital gains. We shift away from 'lower-for-longer' trades and enter 2017 with the view that we are entering a new phase in markets, which is... Show More


Five ASX100 stocks to buy in December

Morgans Financial Limited

We’re encouraged by what we see in the market, the ‘Trump-bump’ has buoyed market sentiment. The reinflation born in the US is a good thing for markets, we’re encouraged that monetary policy no longer seems to be the only game in town as fiscal stimulus gains favour. While the reflation... Show More

ASX:RMD ASX:SYD ASX:WBC ASX:ALQ ASX:ORA High conviction asx:sda

Livewire readers’ best and worst picks

Livewire Exclusive

With the end of the year in sight, it’s time to check in again on how the Livewire readers’ 2016 stock picks are tracking. The biggest observation is the pullback in the YTD mean performance across the sample, from 18.3% (Oct 19th) to 8.7% (Dec 5th). Only 35% of stocks... Show More

Two big themes from the WAM portfolio

Patrick Poke

At the Wilson Asset Management presentation in Sydney yesterday, Portfolio Manager, Matt Haupt identified two big themes for the years ahead. Firstly, with mandated superannuation contributions set to increase from 9.5% to 12% over the next decade, superannuation is one of the few areas with reliable growth. Secondly, few would... Show More

Livewire readers’ ten favourite wires

Alex Cowie

This report bundles your 10 favourite wires from the 340 published by our contributors in October, with wires on LICs, tech, telco, property, and quality smallcaps featuring strongly. The stock-picking skills of Livewire readers were also on display with an 18% gain year-to-date for stocks tipped at the start of... Show More

When to close a short position

Hugh Dive

Short-sellers are frequently derided as vultures, criminals, pessimists or un-Australian, in reality, shorting stocks is a stressful and often lonely way to make money in the market. When a fund manager makes the correct shorting decision, there are never glowing pieces in the financial press with a satisfied looking CEO... Show More


Livewire readers' best and worst stock picks

Livewire Exclusive

At the end of 2015 Livewire readers were asked to nominate their single highest conviction stock pick for 2016, as part of a survey asking for their predictions on how events would unfold in 2016. In this post we’ll check in to see just how well the collective stock picks... Show More

Mergers & acquisitions are back in vogue

Nicholas Forsyth

News has been extremely quiet on the M & A front in Australia for some time even with the world awash with "free money". Then suddenly on the Labour Day public holiday, we have two big deals across the news wires after the low volume trading day with most states... Show More


CEO Insights - Week Ending Friday 29/07/16

NAOS Asset Management

As part of the NAOS investment process, we pay particular attention to the comments made by company CEO’s and business leaders in order to gain a greater understanding of the current investment environment and key trends that may be emerging. Below are quotes from the week which in our view... Show More

July 2016: Month ahead in meetings

Avatar fallback

July has it all - AGMs (including Macquarie Group, AusNet Services, ALS - a two strike AGM as the contingent Board Spill resolution is on the AGM agenda; Programmed Maintenance Services); EGMs to remove directors (including Keybridge Capital, Condor Blanco Mines, Golden Cross Resources and today's meeting at Red Mountain... Show More