Ben Griffiths: High conviction small cap investing

Livewire Exclusive

In March 2017 Ben Griffiths found himself in a deeply uncomfortable position. For the first time since inception 15 years ago his small cap portfolio was badly lagging the benchmark. Sentiment had violently swung against his stocks and Griffiths was facing a tough decision – hold the current course or... Show More

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Buy Hold Sell: The microcap rematch

Buy Hold Sell

12 months ago, David Allingham from Eley Griffiths Group and Andrew Smith from Perennial Value Management went head-to-head with their views on 5 microcap stocks. Since then, the smaller end of the market has been buoyant, with the small ords up ~15%, and both managers exceeding this mark by handsome... Show More


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Hunting for future market darlings at IPO

Livewire Exclusive

To find out what makes him tick, we asked Graeme Carson what he is most passionate about in the market. He told us that it is the satisfaction of watching a company grow from ‘birth’ to become ‘one of the bigger companies in our economy’. Cyan participated in the IPO... Show More

Cyan Investment Management ASX:APT

Like buying Xero in the early days

Weimin Xie

Consumer finance is like fashion. It needs to evolve to suit the taste of each generation of consumers. 20 years ago FlexiRent did well, 10 years ago Certegy captured a solid audience base. The current generation includes Afterpay and now Zip, which do not charge interest and integrate much more... Show More


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The 20 most 'liked' wires this quarter

Alex Cowie

One of many slick features our talented dev team has built this quarter is a re-engineered ‘Trending' panel on our website. Their algo crunches data from clicks, likes, comments, and social shares (the button at the bottom-left of each wire), to create an ever-changing carousel of your favourite content. Show More

Reporting season not so rosy close up

Martin Pretty

Profit reporting season looked great from a distance but down in the trenches investors may not have felt that was quite the case. The data shows, on a stock-by-stock or even-weighted basis, that there has been a tempering of expectations across most sectors. Show More


Buy Hold Sell: 5 small-cap retailers

Buy Hold Sell

The market applied the blowtorch indiscriminately across the retail sector last year, creating long-absent pockets of value in the market. Shrewd investors moved in, but are opportunities still present today? In this week’s Buy Hold Sell, we pit two small cap specialists called Chris against each other to find out. Show More

buy hold sell ASX:TRS ASX:NCK ASX:KGN asx:nbl ASX:APT

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15 stocks to watch following reporting season

Alex Cowie

The chaos of reporting season makes a good case against markets being efficient. It will take weeks, if not months, to fully parse the recent data download of many hundreds of reports, and to also process views gleamed from the ensuing company roadshows. Reporting season can thus generate a long... Show More

Much more growth ahead for Afterpay

Graeme Carson

The key information in today's result from Afterpay is the remarkable growth numbers. The velocity of this growth is evident when you compare the numbers in this result to just 12 months ago. Show More

ASX:APT What the market missed

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Small cap investing in a volatile market

Buy Hold Sell

The recent 5% plunge in the ASX200 led to some great value opportunities for nimble investors. This was particularly so in small caps, which fell even further. In this exclusive video, Ben Rundle from NAOS and Shane Fitzgerald from Monash join Jeremy Hook from TMS Capital to discuss their outlook... Show More

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The winners and losers from rising growth

Avoca Investment Management

During the month of January, equity investors showed little apparent concern for value. As we write this report, the market is becoming increasingly concerned with nascent inflationary signs and rising interest rates. The momentum of investor fuelled, low volatility / low interest rate trade that has grossly inflated pockets of... Show More


The cost of acquisition

Martin Conlon

Last year did not end with a whimper. In one corner, Frank Lowy and Rupert Murdoch chose to sell businesses they’d spent decades building, suggesting they believe selling prices are attractive. In the other, Aconex was the subject of a takeover bid from Oracle, AWE from Mineral Resources and Tox... Show More

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A few highlights from our Summer Series

Alex Cowie

With most of the market back at their screens, Livewire’s ‘Summer Series’ has concluded and normal service now resumes until next Christmas. In case you missed it, we’ve pulled together some of the most ‘liked’ wires from the last 4 weeks... Show More

A couple of hot stocks

Marcus Padley

A2M is up 9% in two days helped by the BAL earnings upgrade. It has also announced it will expand its brand throughout the North East of the US starting this month. The area is home to 60 million consumers which according to research from A2M accounts for 20% of... Show More

ASX:A2M growth stocks ASX:APT

What Mattered Today: Our view on RIO

James Gerrish

It seemed like there was a decent sell order in ASX 200 Futures this morning that prompted selling amongst the large cap stocks – usually happens with an overseas fund is taking a negative bet on Australia and getting set via Futures – the weakness was obvious on open, a... Show More


The ten most tipped stocks for 2018

Alex Cowie

When we asked you to suggest a stock tip in our 2018 Livewire reader survey, there were a few names that came up regularly. Drawing from the database of 2617 responses, here are the 10 stocks that readers tipped the most, with exclusive insights from our contributors for each one.... Show More

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Bell Potter Analyst Outlook & Top Stock Picks for 2018

Bell Potter

In this report, our analysts share their sector view and top stock picks for 2018 across sectors including banks and general insurers, diversified financials, LICs, fixed income, agricultural FMCG, technology, discretionary retail, industrials, resources, and healthcare & biotech. Show More

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Diversified Financials Outlook for 2018 – Lafitani Sotiriou

Bell Potter

Our Diversified Financials analyst, Lafitani Sotiriou discusses his top stock picks by breaking it up into three leaders and three emerging companies for your consideration in 2018. Show More


Top stocks and crowded trades

Livewire Exclusive

Livewire’s 2018 'Predictions and Top Picks' series continues with part two. Here, we ask our expert panel for their top stock ideas for 2018, and one thing they think the market has wrong. Watch the video or read the summary below. Show More

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Ophir: Growth hides all sins

Livewire Exclusive

There was a time when having exposure to companies with offshore earnings was considered a drag for Aussie investors. Today, however, Australia’s most successful growth investors are seeking to identify those companies with the ability to enter and then capture a thin slice of some truly lucrative global markets. Show More