Australian Banking Sector: Royal Commission announced

Bell Potter
Bell Potter Stockbroker

Process fast-tracked, findings due by 1 February 2019: The government has announced a royal commission into the banking sector. This followed a letter released by the four major banks earlier today highlighting the need for certainty and the imperative to restore confidence in the sector. Show More


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High-yield bonds and investment-grade bonds: How to balance them

Elizabeth Moran

High yield bonds are tempting but come with greater chances something could go wrong. This wire gives some tips in getting the balance right between high yield and investment grade, and displays a sample portfolio for both strategies. Show More

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Buy Hold Sell: 5 cheap stocks

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell Livewire

Unloved with low PEs and enticing yields these are the calling cards of cheap stocks and in a market that’s running hot, true value is hard to find. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell we’ve invited two 'value-style' investors to cast their eyes over three stocks that appear cheap... Show More

CEO Insights from Steven Lowy, Peter Coleman & Francisco Irazusta

NAOS Asset Management
NAOS Asset Management Listed Investment Companies (LICs) ASX: NCC, ASX: NAC, ASX: NSC

“The retail industry is changing rapidly, due to technological and social changes. With an elevated level of store closures, largely amongst underperforming brands that have lost relevance with the consumer" Steven Lowy, Co-CEO, Westfield Corporation Show More


Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170814

Mathan Somasundaram
Mathan Somasundaram Blue Ocean Equities

Local market had a relief rally as the “War of Tweets” between US and North Korea started to settle down. The weaker than expected US inflation outlook pushed down USD and pushed up AUDUSD. China data showed that we may be closer to the top in the recent commodity run... Show More

Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Full Year Result: BEN profits lift on lending growth & higher rates

CommSec Online Stockbroker

Regional lender, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank (BEN) posted a slightly below consensus 4.2% rise in annual cash profit to $418.3m. The result was boosted by above industry average lending growth and a recent lift in some mortgage rates. Its bottom line was held back by APRA’s lending caps which were... Show More

First Impressions from reporting

Bell Potter
Bell Potter Stockbroker

In this daily reporting season update, we provide first impressions on key takeouts from companies reporting today, including Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (BEN), JB Hi-Fi (JBH), Aurizon Holdings (AZJ) and Ansell (ANN), with links through to more detailed reports. Show More

ASX:ANN ASX:BEN ASX:JBH ASX:AZJ August 2017 Reporting Season

The housing bell has been rung.....or has it?

Alex Moffatt
Alex Moffatt Joseph Palmer & Sons

Good morning, the British election will be held tomorrow and despite the outrage in London last Saturday it will go ahead as it should in a civilised democracy. I lived in London during the days when the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was actively trying to disrupt life for Londoners with... Show More


Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170605

Mathan Somasundaram
Mathan Somasundaram Blue Ocean Equities

Local market was smacked down on the open and then stayed down with US growth and geopolitical risks. The morning trade looked like a global transition portfolio that hit all the main sectors before some recovery through the day with Banks leading the negative sentiment after BEN’s update. Local market... Show More

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Bank Note$ - TS Lim's quarterly bank review

Bell Potter
Bell Potter Stockbroker

The sector turned in another positive performance in the December period (in line with expectations) with strong contributions again from the domestic retail and business banks. NIM may have been lower in the period due to asset price competition but we are seeing an easing in retail and wholesale funding... Show More


Bendigo Bank & Adelaide Bank Half Year Result - BEN earnings flat; pressure grows on margins & debt levels

CommSec Online Stockbroker

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (BEN) posted first half statutory profit after tax of $209 million. Cash earnings came in just ahead of market expectations of $224.7 million For more Reporting Season coverage, please visit Show More

First Impression: Bendigo Adelaide Bank (BEN) 1H17

Bell Potter
Bell Potter Stockbroker

Came in close to consensus with better other income and flattish costs offsetting lower NIM (-6bp although spreads fared better, down only 5bp but volumes stronger) – and also despite higher BDD – which should perversely come as a relief as it shows the regional is behaving normally and not... Show More

ASX:BEN February 2017 Reporting Season

Livewire Reporting Roundup

Livewire Exclusive

The Livewire Reporting Roundup is a new and exclusive weekly series carefully crafted to bring Livewire readers the best exclusive insights and investor resources throughout reporting season. We’ve invited 7 professional stock pickers to nominate their standout company results from the past week with responses from Regal Funds, K2 Asset... Show More

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Feb 2017 Reporting Season Calendar

Bell Potter
Bell Potter Stockbroker

The Bell Potter reporting calendar covers 210 companies for the February period, as well as several in March, and highlights reporting dates, period reported, NPAT (consensus and Bell Potter estimates) and our analyst recommendation for the stock. The pace is increasing, with 16 reporting on Monday and Tuesday alone. Livewire... Show More

Technicals - bank stocks - potential for a cluster of sell signals to be generated

Angela Mangan
Angela Mangan QMG Pty Ltd

The Australian banks have entered a significant phase from a technical viewpoint, given the potential has now emerged for a cluster of technical top formations / sell signals to be generated. My recent wire from mid-January highlighted that the banks were overbought on a momentum basis, which was reason for... Show More


3 stocks we are considering into weakness

Nicholas Forsyth
Nicholas Forsyth Market Matters

Yesterday’s intra-day strength in the local market surprised many investors including ourselves . The simple explanation for the ASX to gain over 70-points by lunchtime is money flowing into equities, which we believe is for two primary reasons - importantly not perceived value in the market. The almost impossible task... Show More

Why are Australian bank ratings under pressure?

UBS Asset Management
UBS Asset Management Fund Manager

Earlier this week, Standard & Poor's (S&P) placed the entire Australian banking system on Negative Outlook. This implies that there is a one-in-three chance 25 Australian Banks' credit ratings may be downgraded within the next 2 years. S&P cited the continuing strength in property prices increases the risk of a... Show More

S&P cuts credit rating outlook for second-tier Australian banks

Livewire News
Livewire News Livewire

Standard & Poor's has cut its credit rating outlook for second-tier Australian banks, highlighting the growing risks to lenders from rising property prices and household debt. The credit rating agency on Monday lowered its credit rating outlook for 25 financial institutions in the country, including Bank of Queensland, Bendigo and... Show More

housing credit ratings ASX:BOQ ASX:BEN S&P

Daily AGM Note, Tuesday 25 October 2016

Avatar fallback
Kym Sheehan The Executive Remuneration Reporter

A couple of first strikes already today at Lantern Hotel Group and at Chalmers Ltd, a second strike but no Board Spill at Australian Ethical Investment, plus some evidence of dissent on director elections and LTI grants across several other companies, including Tabcorp Holdings. You'll find today's note at this... Show More

October 2016: The month ahead in AGMs

Avatar fallback
Kym Sheehan The Executive Remuneration Reporter

Two notes this month to cover All the Majors from Amcor to JB Hi Fi and from Magellan Financial Group to Transurban So what are the 'interesting' resolutions this month? Take a look at Magellan Financial Group - termination benefits for Hamish Douglass, or the company loan to... Show More