Luke Cummings

At Harvest Lane, one of our core strategies involves taking a position in stocks that are subject to a takeover (also known as Merger Arb) and/or some other type of corporate activity. If the right opportunities are selected, this strategy produces limited downside volatility of returns, exhibits low correlation with... Show More

Wilson Asset Management

On Monday, mining services company Bradken Limited (ASX: BKN) announced it had entered into an implementation agreement with Japanese construction company Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Limited. Hitachi has agreed to make an all cash off-market takeover for Bradken for $3.25 per share. Bradken is likely to benefit from its cost... Show More

Matt Felsman

With interest rates at historical lows, one area we can look to for trading opportunities is corporate transactions, new deals seem to appear each day both internationally and locally. Merger arbitrage is the business of trading stocks in companies that are subject to takeovers or mergers. Arbitrage exploits the fact... Show More

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